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It is time that the nation demanded that not one more dime should be sent to any Islamic country that is not openly and purposely fighting against radical Islamic extremists.  America sends billions of dollars to numerous Islamic countries.  Many of these countries are of radical beliefs themselves.  It is treasonous to send money to these countries and then to turn around and to ask our service men and women to fight against the same ideology supported by these countries.  It is my hope that this article get shared enough that this becomes the demand from the people to the administration.  This administration refuses to acknowledge the ideology behind radical Islam.  It is Islam.  It does not matter if it is a corruption of Islam.  It still is Islamic ideology.  It is up to the Islamic nations to stop the corruption of their ideology.  Until our administration admits that it is Islamic in nature we have no business sending personnel or money to these countries.  Until they become active in the fight against radical Islam America should not send ONE MORE DIME.

Our leadership is both stupid and blind if it thinks that this is not a corruption or alteration of Islamic beliefs that is pushing groups like ISIS.  Our leadership is so demanding upon not ‘insulting’ Islam that it has become ridiculously moronic in its actions and philosophies.  Our President is a coward for not acknowledging the realities of radical Islam.  His own religious ideology betrays himself as a religious bigot.  He refuses to personally even acknowledge that ISIS is attacking bases upon a religious stance.  Yes there may have been a written statement saying that the people beheaded were Christians but that does not mean that our President has admitted anything.  It would be his nature to have someone else write it so that he is again insulated.   Our President refuses to admit that there might be anything wrong with Islam and Islamic teachings that may be twisted.  This is not just blind, but shows a radical level of following and devotion to the Islamic faith that threatens his ability as a leader.  When anyone has anything that is able to prevent them from being able to do their job then they need to be removed from that position.  Obama’s blind devotion to Islam has become a treat to America.

Obama wants to support the Islam countries.  But it is also clear that much of our aid donations go to support radical Islam.  We are supporting the very animals who are threatening to kill Americans on American soil.  When does the word treason ever enter into the conversation?  Where is the line drawn between aiding people in need and aiding and abetting our enemy?  When does his blind devotion to Islam stop and becoming the President of the United States begin?  Our nation is under threat.  Our nation is under threat not just from without our borders but also from within.  Radical Islam has known training facilities within our country. Obama and his administration have shown more concern over Ferguson than they have the very fact of radical Islamic communities and training facilities within our country.

It is said that radical Islam must be met by Islamic nations.  This may be true.  But there is not motivation for radical Islam to be met until they do something against other Islamic countries.  After the Jordanian pilot was burned to death then Jordan became very serious in its fight against ISIS.  After ISIS attacks and crosses the line with the other countries is when the other Islamic nations feel a reason to become active in the fight against radical Islam.  American presently has no other influence than money.  America needs to stop funding radical Islam.  America needs to stop sending any further aid to any country that is not active in its fight against radical Islam.  If we continue to fund countries that are not against radical Islam then America is helping to fund radical Islam.  One problem with America not funding countries which support radical Islam is that our President refuses to acknowledge radical Islam.  Therefore, the bottom line is simple.  Our President, due to his devotion to keeping the image of Islam pure, refuses to acknowledge that there are radical factions of this religion.  In refusing to acknowledge that there are radical factions he continues to insist upon billions of tax payer dollars go to fund many of the Islamic countries that are actively supportive of radical Islam such as Sharia Law and other forms of radical belief.  In funding these countries, where other groups such as ISIS and the numerous subgroups of radical Islam are found, America is funding, by the behest of the President, radical Islamic ideology.  THIS IS TREASON!


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