My fellow Americans

every blade of grass
I know I date myself in that I cannot use that expression without first envisioning Richard Nixon.  But at times that is just the right expression because it does remind us that we are all in this together as fellow Americans.  It does not matter your race, creed, color or religion as along as we are all Americans fighting and striving for a better America.  This is a call out for all fellow Americans.  The slimes of ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists have been dishing out their threats again.  This is a call for all properly licensed concealed carry Americans to exercise their right.  I want to make sure that I dot all the right legal ‘I’ and cross all the correct legal ‘t’ so that I do not have unwanted visitors (and that is not paranoia, but a reality that was confirmed when I had one of my clients get visits from monitoring government agencies).  The terrorist group obviously does not fear our government and with really no reason to fear them since our government seems extremely supportive of them even to the point of protecting them.   I know that our government has also been working hard to limit the second amendment but recently we have been seeing evidence as to why we must keep our second amendment.

The Muslim nut-job groups such as ISIS are threatening to attack Americans at malls and shopping centers.  I call upon all who can legally carry a firearm to do so.  If the radical Islamic groups want to attack America then we will defend America.  We as Americans will not show neither mercy nor leniency if any group wants to try and slaughter Americans like they did in the mall in Africa.  We will not sit idly by and see our fellow Americans killed by blood lusting animals.  We will fight back.  We will fire upon the enemy.  We will kill the enemy with total disregard for the enemy.  If ISIS wants to attack Americans on American soil then they will face the historic wrath of Americans.  Our President is unfortunately weak in dealing with this murderous bunch of vermin.  But we will not be so apathetic.  We will kill the enemy and then take their weapons and continue to use them against our enemy.  If ISIS wants to declare war upon Americans by attacking Americans we do not need anything from our government to return the attack.  We will fight and kill all attackers.

I would encourage ISIS to learn from the Japanese during WWII.  They thought better about attacking American mainland.  They knew Americans would be armed.  Just the number of hunters alone in America far outnumbers most third world armies.  Our children have grown up with firearms and many are a better shot than many found in foreign militaries.  To all Islamic radical groups I would advise you that your connections with our President have not endeared you to us.  Rather just the opposite is true.  We have watched as our President has coddled and protected you not wanting to offend Islam.  We have watched as our President would rather play golf than address the problems you have created around the globe.  We have watched as our President would play silly word games as to not offend Islam.  Now we are fed up!  We do not care what our President as to say any more and will take matters into our own hands should you be so stupid as to attack our homeland.  We know you have your sleeper cells in America and we would advise you to allow them to continue to sleep.  Should you disregard all commonsense because you are so stupid, it will not bode well for you.  YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!


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