Do not go to political sleep

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I know that there are many things that I write which probably go straight into the ‘round file’.  It is clear that I am neither a fan of Barack Obama nor any of his agenda.  I have no problem with those who might be any of his supporters since America is based upon an exchange of thought.  One of the greatest concerns I have regarding this man is his ability to bend the truth and his ability to do so with such a straight face.  There has been so many times that he has been caught in lies.  But let us for the sake of argument say that he did not know many of the later facts as they became known.  Should this be true, many of those around him as advisors should be fired immediately.  But there is a trend that I truly find alarming and concerning.

Obama truly sees right wingers as a greater threat than ISIS.  Keep in mind that there was recently the summit on extremism.  This was not about Islamic extremism so what other types of extremism are there to discuss.  According to Biden, Christians are part of the extremism which must be of a concern.  With right-winged extremists now verbally expressed as a greater threat than ISIS what actions are being planned to curb or restrain those with what might be considered as right-winged extremism.  Keep in mind that this administration has also stated that veterans are part of the right-winged extremists.  What is the definition of ‘right-winged extremism’?  Since there truly is no definition available then it is up to this administration to define it as desired.  This should present a major sense of concern to anyone who is not in the pocket of this administration.

There is the new czar regarding anti-ISIS and anti-Islamic talk.  What are the duties of this person?  Considering that this new czar has major ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups which have connections to radical Islam, this appointment should raise levels of concern.  Our President has and will be adamant in his position that basically there is no radical Islam.  ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  If there is no radical Islam, who is he expecting to send our troops over to fight?  What will be their objective?  When would their efforts be met or ended?  How will they measure success?  On one hand the President wants to appear to be pro-active against the terrorist who are slaughtering innocent people.  Personally I believe that is because he is being humiliated by other nation’s kings and leaders who are in direct harm’s way and are actively combatting ISIS.  On the other hand our President and his administration are pushing a major agenda of protecting Islam.  Now with the pro-Islam czar who is to monitor the anti-Islam speech, where do our personal liberties fit?  Obama and his administration have been quietly forcing Islam and their Islamic agenda upon America.  He made the statement that America is an Islamic country and has been doing everything in his power to make it so.  We have a problem.  I am critical of hard core Islamic beliefs and believe anyone with at least two neurons should also be critical.  I listened to one of their leaders express how the world does not rotate around the sun.  I was his to next say that the world was flat.  Hard core Islam punishes any woman caught not being ‘properly dresses’.  What does ‘properly dressed’ even mean?  Women are less that property under hard core Islam.  Actually the writings of Mohammad encourage the drinking of camel pee!

I want to be wrong.  If I am right then there are only two ways things can end.  Either there will be a place where personal liberties are dictated and handed rather than see as God given, or there will be rebellion for freedom.  I will not expand on this second alternative because I do not want uncivilized people in ugly suits knocking on my door.  People need to not fall into political sleep.  There is a problem.  We are being manipulated in the worst way.  I know every politician manipulates and lies.  But, this is to an extreme level.  Do not fall into political slumber.  You will not like the America you wake up to.  w that there are many things taht


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