LD50 is a term which refers to the lethal dose of a particular element in which it kills 50% of the people exposed.  My question after watching this administration, listening to the President, listening to the talking heads of this administration, watching this administration and their reaction or lack thereof to threats and actions of ISIS and the responses of other Muslim countries against ISIS with the lack of support from our own nation’s leadership, are we approaching LD50?

Obama and his people in power refuse to acknowledge that Islam has anything to do with ISIS or the Jihadist mentality.  If it is not Islam I would like to know the correct answer.  We are not at war with Islam, which is correct.  But we are at war with an ideology that sends its followers out to kill innocent men, women and children.  If the driving force behind the butchers is not addressed then military actions is futile.  Obama shifts his verbiage depending upon the purpose.  First he was talking of all the evils done in the name of Christianity and God then says that religion does not have anything to do with evil actions of others.  His blatant protecting of Islam is interfering with his judgments and actions as President.  His key administration personnel are outspoken advocates of Islam and sharia law.  Sharia law and radical forms of Islam go hand in hand.  It is sharia law that promotes the stoning of women, hanging of homosexuals, cutting off hands of females who even are caught using a cell phone because it is modern and western.  For this administration to attack radical Islam it would be attacking itself!

The time is rapidly coming when people of this nation will have to decide how much of Barack Obama and his administration will be followed.  If America cannot get rid of him we will have to decide how many of his laws, edicts, executive orders, demands and writs will be followed.  People such as Eric Holder and his determination regarding Ferguson must be corralled and contained.  Obama is building a situation that may not be able to be contained should the right ignition be forced.  No one wants bad things to happen in this country.  But law enforcement will have to choose between orders from this administration and what is legal and right.  The only way there is going to be a nation available for the next election is if Barack Obama and his power hungry talking heads find their powers limited by the people and courts.  I have no real hope for the court systems anymore because they have proven themselves too many times to be as unconstitutional as Obama.  Will Americans be forced to accept laws, rules, and regulations that our Forefathers strove never to be permitted in this country again?  Will Americans be forced to accept Islam forced upon our school system while there cannot even be so much as a Christmas carol sang?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch millions of illegals become citizens just so they can flood the ballot box with what is nothing more than paid votes and elections?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch one of the most corrupt administrations in history continue unrestrained?  Will Americans be forced to sit back and watch our beloved nation be torn apart simply because someone knows how to use the Constitution against itself and too many politicians are too cowardly to step up and stop it?

I know that every social media is monitored.  I am never going to say anything that is contrary to the laws of the land.  My concern is since our freedoms and liberties are eroding on a regular basis when will our freedom of speech simply be determined by the opinions of people in authority.  At one time this would have been considered the ranting of a conspiracy nit-wit.  But anyone who has been watching America over the past few years must also acknowledge that there are critical things happening against our America.  People will have to choose.  People are going to have to choose between what is ordered and what is right.  People are going to have to choose between what is safe and what is required.  People are going to have to choose between what is dictated and what is Constitutional.  I want my America back!


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