Why the emphasis on words

radical islam silence

This administration and many of the Democrats in Congress do not seem to understand why America wants to hear certain words such as “radical Muslim extremists” in regards to the terrorists and ISIS.  Quite simply it is because we do not trust you Mr. President.  We want to know what side of this conflict you rest!  This distrust goes to most people in this administration and to many of the Democrats in Congress.  We do not really trust the Republicans either but at least they acknowledge radical Islam as the source of the terrorist activities.

We are basically the only country that refuses to acknowledge radical Islam as being ‘radical Islam’.  We have a President whose very brother is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood in Africa.  We have people in our government who are either members of the Muslim Brotherhood or who have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  We are also one of the very few countries who do not recognize the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization or with terrorist ties.  We see a President who is so detached from critical events that it borders, if not crosses directly over, into levels of psychosis.  We really are uncomfortable with that prospect!  We see a President and administration more bent upon protecting radical Islam than they are willing to eradicate it.  We see a Democrat Congress unwilling to even pull the passports of those who leave America to fight on the behalf of the terrorist murdering innocent people and allowing them to return to America at will.  IS THERE ANY WONDER WE NO LONGER TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT!!!

We want to know which side of this conflict our governmental leadership is leaning.  That might sound like a ridiculous sentence.  But it is true.  Congress has been approached to allow our men and women to go to war.  But the issue is which war and whom are we fighting?  Our own leadership has not identified the enemy by calling them out for what they are in reality.  It is clear that our President has associations and ties with the very people who are being seen as the enemy.  These people are the Muslims with the radical interpretations of Islam.  Our President has a brother who is a leader in a radical group of Islam.  Our President was taught in a more conservative or radical interpretation of Islam.  Our President has boasted about surrounding himself with radicals while attending school.  Our President has many people who surround him today with radical political views.  It is clear that our President is very loyal to Islam by many of his statements, those he has met with in the White House and his actions.  It is clear he is very sympathetic at least with Islam and that he is resolute in his determination that no insult to Islam is sent from America.  These sentiments seem echoed by his administration.  Is there any reason why Americans do not have a right to want to know which side of this conflict our President is going to come down on?  His own words were that if the winds of favorability change against Islam that he would support Islam.  We have a right to know just how far that will reach.  We are just taking our President at his word and believing what he had said regarding the matter.  We just need to know if our nation and our soldiers are safe at least where our leadership is concerned.

Americans have a right to be concerned regarding our political leadership and Islam.  This is not an indictment against all of Islam.  But it is a question regarding the loyalties regarding our leaders.  All we have seen is a soft approach to Islam radicals and a total avoidance of the realities of radical Islam in America.  We have heard excuses made for their actions by calling it occupational hazard to workplace violence.  What Americans what to hear is our leadership calling radical Islamic extremists what they are in reality.  They are not criminals; they are terrorists killing in the name of Islam.  They are not unemployed juvenile delinquents in need of a job and economic assistance.  These people are savage animals killing under the guise of a radical view of Islam.  It is the radical view of Islam that is motivating them.  It is the radical view of Islam that pushes them to kill anything and everyone which stands in their way.  Identify the enemy Mr. President BEFORE sending our troops to fight the enemy.


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