Obama and his other face

two faced

I am from Chicago.  That was where I was born.  I am proud to be from Chicago.  I have a brother who spent his formative years in Chicago, has many good memories of Wrigley Field and likes going back to Chicago.  Chicago is also well known for corrupt politics.  This goes back many years and is so deeply rooted in Chicago that the term ‘windy city’ is not because of the wind coming off of the lake but because of all the hot air the politicians used to blow at the people.  Obama learned politics well in Chicago.  He kept his agenda hidden very well.  During the 2006 election many people fell for his deceit.  Many good and intelligent people believed his smooth talk which never revealed the real Obama.  The media was so in awe of him they failed the public by not doing their jobs and never asked the hard questions of Obama so that the people got to know the real person.   During his first term in office he knew well how to remain insulated by have others do anything that might be deemed questionable allowing him plausible deniability.  His second election came and went.  This election was with a bit more open corruption with the voting machines but not enough to warrant a second look from the now complacent media.

Now the nation is half way through the second term of Barack Obama.  His religious ideologies were kept secret during his first term.  Now with his power well entrenched America has numerous members or associates of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions of governmental leadership.  The administration is facing outside threats from radical Islamic terrorist groups but refuses to recognize their reality as being Islam.  A pseudo-war is being waged against ISIS while being micromanaged by the White House assuring they do not insult Islam.  Christians are being slaughtered and are being all but ignored.  Americans are being beheaded and met with little more than apathy and appropriately chosen wording in speeches.  Jews are being targeted and being labeled as purely random shootings.  Radical Islam has attacked military bases and innocent citizens have had their heads cut off for not converting to Islam and it is all being simply called work place violence.  Boston was rocked with bombs at it is domestic terrorism even though the culprits were doing so under the leadership of Islamic leadership to kill Americans.  Christians from Egypt are beheaded in mass and are simply labeled citizens.  Obama shuns the Prime Minister of Israel and when allowed to address Congress Obama makes comments how Netanyahu will pay for his accepting the invitation to speak.  As it has been said by others, America has a storm ahead.

Our President does not and cannot recognize and address radical Islam.  He cannot and will not recognize the attacks of radical Islam upon the Jews and Christians.   Our President has shown that he is closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and has welcomed them repeatedly into the White House.  America is one of a few nations which do not call them a terrorist organization even though they are referred to in this manner by other Muslim countries.  One must ask the question of why.  When ISIS was targeting and slaughtering the Christians with starvation in Iraq it was the cry of the American people that forced the hand of Obama to drop aid and food.  America, we have a problem.  We have a President who is getting increasingly open in his disregard for Israel, Jews and Christians.  He is blatant in his favoritism towards Islam.  It is dangerous that he is also very open with is associates within the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is not a good time for America.

What is being done?  America is in a very bad place with a man of power in position who is being protected by many within his party and the media.  He is seeing executive orders as his way of ruling without question.  His bigotry against whites is unquestionable by many of his own comments.  His radical views have been laid out before American in his books yet no one seemed to ask about them.  He is openly favorable to Marxism, communism, and socialism.  His attitude towards Jews borders upon anti-Semitism.  America is beginning to see the other face of Barack Obama.  He is transitioning from the smooth talking community planer to the radical Marxist and open Islamist of his upbringing.  His associates are open in their radical views and are placed in leadership.  There is coming a time in America when good people in leadership will have to decide between doing as they are told versus doing what is right.  Oaths to support the Constitution and the freedoms and liberties of citizens will become in stark contrast to expectations from authorities.  These are the winds that are blowing in America.  The only question remaining is once they begin which direction will YOU go?


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