Obama and his grand plan

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I am not anti-Democrat.  Actually I can easily have seen when and where my grandfather and dad might have voted Democrat.  My grandfather was a coal miner in southern Indiana and who grew up in Kentucky in a basic simple home.  My father was also a coal miner prior to going off to WWII.  My grandpa was a man of common sense who, although I never had to privilege to have met him, I believe if he said something you could have taken it to the bank as being true.  My dad was the type of man whom, in my opinion, the sun rose and set upon.  The Democrat party used to, at least on face value, be the party for the working person.  It was the party that supported the unions that kept many old coal miners alive and able to provide for their families.  But the present Democrat politicians have shanghaied the old Democrat party’s principles which drew many of the working class to it.  People like my grandpa and dad would never have even had the time of day for many of the idiots in politics today.  Neither would Obama have had a chance in the Democrat party of my grandpa or the old coal miners.  They had too much commonsense.  Many within the Democrat party in Congress today do not have the commonsense of a chipmunk.  But, as long as there are people with power but no brains like (I’ll set myself on fire for Obama) Shelia Jackson-Lee, (We must pass it to know what is in it) Nancy Pelosi, and (Guam is going to tip over) Hank Johnson; the ideas and plans of Obama have a chance of succeeding.  Obama is the very person of which our Forefathers warned us.  He knows just enough about the Constitution to know how to use it as a weapon and just enough of how to manipulate people to be extremely dangerous with it.

The old Democrat party that many of the old miners followed was one that seemed to stand by the common worker and supported America.  Many things done behind the scenes were totally different then what was presented up front.  There were many things behind the scenes which would have been rejected by the average person had they known about it.  Some of these things were how it was the Democrat party that brought back the ‘old South’ after the Civil War stripping away many rights from the newly freed slaves.  Many people do not realize that after the Civil War there were many black people in Congress under the Republican ticket.  The ‘look for the union label’ of the Democrat party started out as an anti-immigrant effort to shame Americans from buying items made by non-Americans.  And it is the Democrat party today that is receiving support and backing from the Communist party and socialist agendas.  Obama’s grand plan fits right into these ideologies and the removal of the US Constitution.

According to the Constitution, the only people permitted to vote are citizens.  The Democrats have fought hard and long to stop any efforts to require voter ID.  They have used such ridiculous ideas as how it will stop minorities from voting.  If I must show an ID in order to cash a check I should have to show ID to vote for the person who is going to head up the most powerful nation in the world!  Since the idea of voter ID is not going anywhere fast the next plan is to flood the voting booths with newly acquired Democrat voters.  The best way to do this is with what would have been once seen as the old payoff.  Only instead of a cash transaction where money is exchanged for a vote, the idea exchanged is ‘citizenship’.  If the millions of illegals in this country are suddenly granted citizenship then they are legally able to vote.  This floods the voting booth with people right in the pocket of the Democrat party.  While to many hard and fast Democrats this might sound like a good idea you might want to ask yourself how good it is going to be once a single party is permitted to make all the rules, regulations and laws in this country.  Germany had that and it was called the Nazi party.  We have gone to war against nations that had a single party or person making all the decisions.  It is great as long as all the decisions being made are ones you like but how favorable are you going to be once those decisions begin to be against things in which you believe or value?

Obama is not to be trusted.  He has manipulated the media to where it no longer asks needed questions and has betrayed the trust it once had from the public.  He has his power people in Congress.  Harry Reid was a clear example of an Obama power person as he refused to bring anything to the floor that Obama first did not sanction.  This is NOT what our Forefathers envisioned for the country.  Obamacare and the way it was forced through in a single party voting in favor is another example of one party making all the decisions.  Now that people are actually seeing what is in the bill they are realizing that America has been sold a phony bill of goods and has also been sold down the right along with our healthcare.  Obama’s plan to flood the booths with bought and paid for Democrat voters is a plan that will destroy our Constitution and must be stopped.  Obama must be stopped.  Because of the way our freedom of speech has been so corrupted I am very careful what I say publicly at this point.  I do not know how Obama can be stopped but it, unfortunately, is up to our elected officials.  I have no faith in our elected officials because they have let us down too many times in the past.  But, if they do not find a set of gonads somewhere they, too, will be as extinct as our Constitution and freedoms.


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