Political correctness paving the way for the destruction of the Constitution

non-citizen voting

As obvious to those who have been following my various articles I view the Constitution of the United States as the highest law of the land.  Without the Constitution the United States becomes nothing better than any other country in existence and falls into the same levels of tyranny as those countries.  Yes, I do believe America is better than any other country in existence despite the words of our President.  America has been the back bone of freedom and liberty since its beginning.  It was America that turned the tide during the WWII.  Great Britain was at a breaking point when America came into the war.  America has never had the intensity of terrorist action even with the inclusion of 9/11 that other countries have experienced.  America has not had a bloody coup since the establishment of the Constitution because inside its wisdom is the setting for a bloodless coup every few years through the vote to change the government.  It has been the Constitution which has provided the groundwork to keep the government OF THE PEOPLE under the control BY THE PEOPLE.  Yet due to illegal actions of local governments trying to be politically correct the very fiber of that Constitution is threatened.

According to the Constitution the right to vote is limited to citizens.  It is not granted to non-citizens.  Yet in the framework and the mask of political correctness illegals and non-citizens are being given the right to vote in many municipalities.   I know there are those who want to plead the cause of the non-citizen saying how everything that affects a person should be allowed a voice of those people.  There may be numerous heart wrenching stories of how the lowly non-citizen is important and has a voice which needs to be heard.  All these wonderful heart tugging tales are very probably correct, but they are in violation of the Constitution.  The Constitution does not stutter on this point.  The vote is for American citizens.  This limitation granting the right to vote solely for citizens is a vital safeguard preventing the corrupting of the sanctity of the vote.  This prevents outside countries and influences from flooding the voting box in order to corrupt the American vote.

People know that this has been already happening.  After the elections it gets uncovered that millions who are incarcerated, dead and even fictitious such as cartoon characters have voted.  It is already known that non-citizens are voting even though it is not legal.  This is why there is a major need for voter identification.  But if the dam is allowed to break and non-citizens are allowed to vote openly then the sanctity and safety of the voting booth collapses.  The government would no longer be of the people or by the people but rather determined by the country or person with the most money and influence.  We know that there is already corruption.  But presently the corruption has to be somewhat covert.  If the limitation of the vote being solely for the citizen is eroded then voting corruption will become as rampant in America as it is in other countries.  In so many countries the vote is a farce and if the vote is open to non-citizens then it will be nothing but a farce in America as well.

There is enough threats and erosion being done to the Constitution.   There must be a stopping somewhere.  The law of the land must be recognized.  Any vote in which non-citizens are allowed to vote is non-binding and must be seen as void and ignored.  Any laws passed in which the vote openly includes non-citizens must be seen as illegal and therefore ignored and not obeyed.  There must be a line drawn in the sand regarding the Constitution.  This is not saying that a non-citizen is a non-person.  The non-citizen is simply a non-citizen.  If I would visit another country I would not expect to be able to vote in their elections.  Political correctness is now at the very door of our liberties and freedoms.  If the Constitution falls then so does America.


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