Where are the parents?

Islam in American schools

I keep reading where different school districts are bowing to demands of Islamic followers.  This ranges from recognizing Islamic holidays, changing menus, teaching Islam, studying the koran, wearing religious garb and having Muslim prayer.  I do not doubt these things may be happening, I wonder where the parents have all gone.  If a school district will not allow Christianity in the schools being a religion then it must not allow Islam in the schools for the same reason.  All it really takes is to protest the school systems’ normal apathy towards anything Christian.  Too many people want to whine about how bad things are but do nothing to stop it.  Too many people are willing to bemoan the destruction of values and ethics but not stand up against the tide.  Where are the parents if these things are happening in the schools?

Increasingly the school systems seem to be run by liberals.  Liberals will get away with as much as possible and will increasingly take more authority because they truly believe that they are doing a favor to developing young minds to move them away from traditional conservative values.  To the liberal the more they feel they are able to expose the child to in the form of opposing classic ‘conservative closed minded views that they are allowing the child to better develop.   In reality most people understand that the liberal philosophies are something that is commonly mucked out of a barn stall.  But the only real defenses against these educated idiots from taking over the school systems completely are parents who wish to be involved in their children’s education.  If there schools where Islam is taking over and the schools are caving into their demands the fault lies at the feet of the parents.  At times the only phrase that school administrators understand is; shall my attorney contact your attorney?

What may be happening in the various schools amounts to simple discrimination and a violation of the Constitution.  Now I do not believe that the separation of church and state ever was meant to mean freedom from religion.  But if that is the defense which the schools wish to use in order to keep Christianity, prayer, and Christmas out of the school systems then it is equally as valid in keeping Islam out.  If a school system is opposed to Christmas or Easter because of any religious overtones then they need not ever have a holiday for Ramadan.  As the old saying goes:  a double edged sword cuts both ways.

People forget that the school administrators, just like politicians, work for them.  Politicians are not free to do as they wish and neither are school administrators.  Parents must find their voice.  Parents must never be afraid to protest or ‘rock the boat’.  And may no mercy be found for the administrator who decides to punish the child for the parent rocking the boat.


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