Sleeper Cells Beware

Dirty Harry

It is known that there are training camps in the US for radical Islamist.  It is known that ISIS and other radical Islamist have come across the southern border into America.  It is also known that ISIS and other radical Islamist groups have threatened to attack America on American soil.  This is neither new nor anything unusual.  Our President has been soft on Islam at home and abroad and has made it clear where he stands regarding radical Islam.  Our military has been micromanaged by this administration in what appears to be every effort neither to insult Islam nor to appear that we are at war with Islam.  Obama has had every appearance of being more concerned with Islam than he is with our nation and our national security.  Now there is increased word that ISIS and other radical Islamic groups have now gotten ready to attack America from within.  This places everything in a different category and position.

I understand why foreign enemies of America are not afraid of America.  We have a leadership that is more concerned about being under par than it is about being a Commander and Chief.  Our leadership and administration is bending and coddling the enemy more than it is bombing the enemy.  You cannot bomb an enemy while at the same time meeting with leaders who promote the same ideology of the enemy.  Before I get labels ‘Islamophobic’ I would like to point out that one of the main topics of the secret meeting that Obama had with members of Islam in America was the joys of Sharia Law.  It is this same Sharia Law that is used as justification of the slaughter of innocent men, women and children who are refusing to convert to Islam.  It is the same twisted Sharia Law that ISIS is claiming as it mantra.  It is Sharia Law that gives the radical Islamic groups the idea that they are justified to attack America on American soil.  But there is one thing they do not recognize nor take into consideration.  That one thing is the American citizen.

Japan was a great power during WWII.  They refused to attack America because they realized the power of the armed American citizen.  Now ISIS may not fear the administration or our President but they would be wise to fear the American citizen.  Just like during WWII, Americans are armed.  I can assure any potential foe that we will not regard any orders given by our President to be soft on radical Islam.  We do not care if we insult Islam.  We do not care if we eliminate radical Islam.  We will completely and without regard disobey any order by our government not to completely blow at member of any radical Islamic group directly to Hell.  Not only will be without any consideration destroy any attacking radical Islamic force killing each and every one choosing to try and attack Americans on American soil, but we will stop and have a ham sandwich in the smoldering rubble of your compounds.

The mere American hunter outnumbers many military forces found within second and third world countries.  These people have quite often grown up in the woods and are highly proficient with firearms.  Now we have the numbers of trained veterans who have been given military training.  These numbers are staggering.  These people have highly specialized skills which will be found most useful in dispatching any ISIS member or member of any radical Islamic group.  In the past the only way you have been able to kill a member of our military was because you in your cowardly miserable manner had them hogtied but was afraid to take them on man to man.  Now in addition to these numbers are outlaw groups that have made a profession of doing whatever was needed to either fulfill contracts or to do the bidding of their mob bosses.  This group will also be a foe ISIS or any Islamic radical group will face because they represent an interference with business as usual.  And finally there is the average person.  The average person might not have any special training, gear, or history but have just had enough of the talk and threats.  The average American is also a major force with which to be reckoned because ISIS and the other radical Islamic groups have simply pissed us off and we are tired of them.  The average American ranges from construction workers to bankers who would just as gladly exterminate the ISIS and radical Islamic threat and then go out and share a beer.

In other words, sleeper cells beware. Whether you are ISIS, Al-qadea, Taliban, or some other radical Islamic group, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I’m not saying we will not get a few scars in the process but in the words of another great American hero: YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK?


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