Obama’s plan hurts hard working illegals

migrant workers

Obama wants to appear as the great savior of the Mexican people who are here in America illegally.  His recent grand order is to allow millions to be able to gain citizenship.  What it does not say is the real effects it will have on many of the illegals who are here in America and actually trying to work hard to support their families.  It is no surprise that there are many people in this country who came here illegally who are actually hard-working productive people simply wanting to give a better life to their family.  It is these people who deserve all the help possible to grant them to stay and become citizens with all the rights and privileges of citizenship.  But there is another group of people in this country who likewise came here illegally who should by no means be given any support or protection.  These are those who are here simply to create trouble, deal in drugs and other illegal activities.  These people are not productive nor do they care about becoming American.  They are here to create trouble and to create chaos.

Now I can hear the liberals screaming racisms.  But allow me to give you a little background.  I used to own a security company and my right hand man was a Hispanic from Texas and my left hand man was his brother.  These two worked within the Latino communities in my area for decades and knew it inside and out.  The focus of our business was in providing security for the various Latino events around our community as well as other contracts both private and government.   One thing that we observed was that there were many within the Mexican communities who were determined to live life as if in Mexico.  That meant that they did not care about the laws of our land and were going to do the same behaviors as were permitted in Mexico.  Included in that was violence whenever they did not get their ways, domestic abuses, drug dealing and smuggling, embezzlement of community funds, and overt corruption on numerous levels.  So many times I would hear one or more of my security partners tell them that they are in America and no longer in Mexico and are expected to do differently.  These are the people who establish the barrios which reflect the image of the old Italian mafia styles of early New York.   Gangs and gang muscle are the authority.  Along with the hard working Mexicans have also been members of the gang MS-13.  This gang has the reputation of killing just for the sake of killing.  They have no laws they respect or obey.  Obama’s plan gives the same opportunity for protection to these people as well as the hard working Mexicans who simply want a better life.  For those who disagree with this assessment all I need to do is to refer you to the recent news of illegals who should have been deported because of their prior legal offenses but protected under Obama’s various decrees.  These illegals who have found protection have been guilty of murdering many American citizens, drunken driving, rape, child abuse and a long list of violations.  All remaining in America because they know the right words to say such as ‘I’m a dreamer’ and other protections put in place due to the excessive restrictions placed upon the Border Patrol and ICE.

It is the plan of Obama to appear to rescue the struggling masses and give them a ‘pathway to citizenship’.  But many of them do not want to become America citizens.  They care nothing about America, its history, or its future.  They only care about themselves and what they can gain by any means for themselves.  America does not need nor want these people in its borders.  Additionally these people pose a significant threat to those in America trying to work hard and become good productive members of its society.  Many of these things we have witnessed ourselves.  You may not like what is being said but you cannot deny the truth of our experiences and our witness.  Obama’s plan represents an extreme and unacceptable threat to those who are working daily to protect good citizens and enforce the laws of the land.  From the safety of his office he is creating a situation that poses an extreme threat to the lives and families of our law enforcement.  Obama expresses absolutely no regard for the stability of our nation’s legal systems through his actions of blanket amnesty.

I have heard the pendants denouncing how this executive order protects the law breaker.  But in reality there has already been protection set in place for those who break the law and are illegally in America.  It does not take an expert to describe all the various legal loopholes.  All takes is someone to talk to those in law enforcement and especially those entrusted with the enforcement of immigration and the borders.  The record is clear that under this President that the borders have never been more open, porous, and trespassed.  From the comfort of his offices he is and has created a warzone on our southern border.  If our southern borders are so safe why are they not taking a few days to spend, without their armed guards, on the border?  Live the life that the ranchers must face on a daily basis.

There does need to be something done to assist those who are here illegally and working hard to be productive members of society.  Those people are worthy of help and have proven that they want to simple work hard and take care of their families.  Those are the ones deserving of any government assistance.  But to open the doors to all and anyone in this country like this administration has done is to doom those who are working hard for a better life.  The same corruption, intimidations, abuses and protection scams found in Mexico will be once again forced upon those who came here to escape that way of life.  This is not fair to those who have proven themselves as hard working people of character.  If Obama truly cared about the Mexican people for something more than simply future Democrat voters then he would have done something other than to create an environment where the very conditions for which many have left Mexico and Latin America were welcomed with open arms in America.


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