Racial Reality Check

black protest

It seems like everything today is racists.  So I thought a little racial reality check was in order.  Black licorice is not racists.  Black gummy bears are not racists.  Have not been called racists yet but allow me to be pro-active, are not racists.  The terms white, red, black, brown, green, yellow; are not racists they are verbs to describe colors.  So for those who want to say that anything called black is racists my advice is to get off your dang high horse because you are no more special than anyone else out there!  If you really want to know what is the most racist thing out there today it is the federal government.  Have you noticed while filling out any paperwork for the government the questions?  It asks if a person is African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, and then ask ‘white’.  Now why is it okay for them to use a color for all light skinned people of European decent but it is not to describe everyone else?  And then they continue on to ask if you are or are not Latin American.  What difference does it make!

I hear some of the radical black groups rant.  I do not really know what other word to describe them would be since everything else has been deemed racists.  I can’t use Negro since that is racists.  I cannot use African-American because not all of them are African-American.  Actually many of them do not even have ancestors from Africa.  Remember that there are many other nations with dark skinned people.  They rant about wanting reparations from slavery.  Many of their ancestors were never slaves!  I am a whited skinned person but my lineage can be traced to this land as far back as the 1600’s.  I have American Indian heritage and I have some who, according to the data so far, are of slave decent.  Because I look white do I not get any reparations?  How about what was done to the American Indian.  Do they get any reparations?  Most of these people screaming about slavery probably know nothing about slavery except for watching ‘Roots’.  And we all know just how good Hollywood is in teaching history.

While my family lived in East Chicago, IN we had a wonderful lady who worked for the company with which my father was associated.  Her mother was a ‘nanny’.  The only goal her mother had for her was a better life.  She did everything she could so that her daughter could go to college.  She did not whine about slavery or reparations.  She knew that hard work and determination would determine her future, not the government.  She was a beautiful person and probably even saved my life without me knowing it back then.  She respected people rather than these people who keep protesting and blocking emergency vehicles from getting through like what happened recently causing the death of the person inside.

People who keep screaming racism have no idea as to what racism is in reality.  They need to get off their high horse and get a job to where they have to work for a living and maybe they would learn some respect for the other person.  Maybe then they would know what it feels like to have some moron blocking traffic so that you cannot get to work and be afraid of being fired and not having a means to take care of family.  I have no beginning of sympathy for these idiots who chain themselves to barrels of concrete and then expect the police to either be gentle with them or get them out of their predicament after realizing they are stuck.  My advice to the police officer is to get the Jaws of Life and cut their arm off as far as I care.    If you are blocking traffic don’t come whining if someone runs you over either!

Growing up my parents filled out a student grant form for me when I wanted to go to college.  They had the form returned to them because the person looking over the form could not believe that someone actually made as little income as my parents stated they made on the form.  I found student grants and later student loans.  I now have a doctorate.  I have another doctorate waiting if I am ever able to find the grant money to be able to return and finish my dissertation.  Don’t come whining to me about not having educational opportunities.  My parents taught us kids that hard work, determination, effort, respect, and a little bit of prayer was what made the difference in a person’s life.  They never once talked about sitting back and whining.   That is one thing that I love about doing my genealogy.   Some of my ancestors were Pilgrims who came across the ocean in boats that were far from luxury liners.  Some of them were Huguenots who suffered such religious persecution that in one day over 50,000 were slaughtered in Europe after the established church declared war upon that sect.  Many of my people were in the American Revolution and lost everything for the dream of a new nation where a person could be free.  Whenever I want to whine I think about what those people experienced.  I have no room left to whine.

These people who want to protest everything really should be ashamed of themselves but they have no pride.  They had no personal respect and they have no respect for others.  They are nothing but egotistical morons who think that the world evolves around them and everyone needs to bow to their whimpers.  Get a life!  If they want to make a difference then get their dag burn butts in gear and make a difference.  Martin Luther King did not whine and made a difference.  Martin Luther (not King) did not whine and made a difference.  People who have made a difference did so not by whining about reparations but by sacrifice and hard work.  If you want to make a difference in this world then work for it, don’t waste the time of the rest of the world by sitting back and whining about how bad you have life.


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