Thank you to select Democrats

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That is an opening line that I never thought I would write but needs to be said at the present time. As you can probably tell by my writing that I am not a Democrat and most definitely not a Liberal. But do not just assume that I am a Republican. I am an American. I support my Constitution and not a party. I will vote for whoever will protect the America values and way of life better than the other person. My roots in this land go back a few hundred years and I am proud to be both a direct ancestor of many who fought to create this nation, of those who came over on the Mayflower and other Pilgrim immigrants, as well as the welcome wagon in the form of the Great Native Americans that met them on their arrival. Additionally, being the son of a World War II soldier my blood runs cold when I hear any politician standing more for their party than for the people the way most politicians seem to do lately. So when a politician breaks with the party talking points and actually thinks and speaks on their own and their own values I find it commendable.

I have been hearing an increasing number of Democrats break with their party’s blind support for Obama and begin talking about how America needs a plan in addressing ISIS and radical Islam. I appreciate when they begin addressing that America is vulnerable if actions are not clear and decisive. For the most part I question if the majority of politicians we presently have in Congress could find their ways out of a wet paper bag. Our administration and President is beyond weak. It is at the point where it simply deserves to be ignored much like a temper tantrum of a child. The problem is that our administration has power to create much damage until it is finally out of office.

There are some politicians who are beginning to earn their money. To the rest I would demand they get their heads out of their butts and start doing something more than party talk and supporting their agenda. The people do not support Obama’s mass amnesty plan. We do not support nor want five million illegals simply accepted with open arms. The cost of this has never been fully examined but what has been is a cost in the double digit billions per year. This represents an additional tax upon the American people and the President does not have the power to create an additional tax. So to our politicians, get your butts in gear and stop it. I do not care how you do it just do it! You work for us and you WILL listen to us or your free ride on our piggy bank will be a short one at the next election. If those in Congress do not like anything cut in funding for Border Patrol then find another way to stop the amnesty.

Some may think I am out of line to speak in this manner. I have owed and ran businesses in the past. I am speaking like a business owner with employees. You are my employee and you as a politician work for me. Now I would have fired you all years ago if I had the power. But get your butts in gear, stop your whining and get to work! We do not want amnesty. We also do not want a health care plan that was pushed upon us without reading it or knowing what it included. That was the most stupid thing you could have ever done. I swear most of you in Congress do not have the brain the Good Lord gave a slow crowbar! It is the people, not you in Congress, who are going to be paying more money for this health care snafu. Either drop your fancy health care plans and get under this same mess or fix it!

We are tired of hearing how we cannot insult Islam while they are slaughtering innocent men, women and children. Open your dag burn eyes and see those who are killing people by the droves. They are RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST. They are not the Boy Scouts! Stop being stupid! You will never deal with the enemy until you identify the enemy. We the people are also really tired of some of the comments that come out of the mouths of some of you Congress people. I swear, if I had the opportunity I would demand an IQ test for all of you prior to ever being allowed to run for office. For example, the US Constitution has not been in effect for 400 years and Guam will not tip over because of the US Navy. People what makes it impossible for a person to actually think once they have been voted into office?

If you want respect, earn it. Just because you are elected and in Congress does not make you anything special. What it does is makes you more accountable for your actions. You are not a queen or king so stop acting like one. Do your jobs. To those who actually want to represent the people of America and not a party I salute you. You have earned my respect.


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