Time to demand an explanation


Anyone who worked for an employer knew there would be periodic reviews of service and employment.  These crucibles were even worse if the employee was more than questionable in their performance.  It also gave an opportunity for the employee to explain their actions if not fully understood by the employer.  Our government forgets that they work for the American people.  Our President has forgotten that we are not his piggy bank.  We are his employer.  It is time to demand an explanation of actions that are either purposely withheld from the people on one end or purposely destructive on the other.  Either way it is time to demand an explanation.

America has always been a land of opportunity.  It has always been a beacon for the oppressed to find refuge.  It has and will always stand for a place of freedom and personal liberty.  But it is always a land of law and order set in place to protect the liberties of all and not just a few.  Our laws have always be set so that the ‘liberties’ of a few were not able to distract from the liberties of the masses.  Our laws have been usurped by people of power for the sake of a few to the harm of the masses.  Never before has the Border Patrol or ICE been as limited and handcuffed as under the present administration regarding our southern border.  We have always known that our southern border was weak and that people have been coming illegally into this country in droves.  But recently it has become a joke to even discuss the southern border and the huge waves of illegals coming across the border unhindered.  Now this administration is opening the doors of the border.  America has not have many of the health concerns of second and third world countries because of careful immigration regulations.  Now with the uncontrolled flood of people across the border there has been a major increase in diseases that otherwise were relatively minor.  As the liberals are reading this and having a hemorrhage screaming racism I would like another explanation if the noted increases in various diseases are not directly associated with the open border of this administration.

America has seen critical and bloody violence at the hands of radical Islam on our soil.  Innocent Americans shot, beheaded, ran over, and killed in numerous ways in the name of Islam.  Muslims who have fled persecution of groups like ISIS and have fled to America has and will continue to welcome those who fear for their lives.  These people have come carrying messages and warnings of things they have heard and seen that the radical Islamic followers are doing and planning to do to America.  Our nation and the world have watched as Americans and others have been brutally executed by radicals in the name of Islam.  The horrors as to what ISIS has openly been doing across the lands that they infest are mind boggling.  Radical Islam is a cancer and must be irradiated before it is able to carry out its promises to destroy the very heartland of America.  Yet our administration and many places of our local governments have done nothing.  They have given into demands of the more radical Islamic groups by forcing signs to be removed, processes in schools changed, and the list is as long as the demands of the radicals can imagine.  All the demands protected by the government as ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of speech’.  It seems like Islam is quite capable of transitioning from an ideology to a religion at will whenever the need arises.

It is time to demand an explanation from our present administration.  You actions as our employee have been more than questionable.  It has all the appearance as being destructive to the institution of our nation.  This administration and our President have protected Islam at all cost.  It has done everything within its power to ignore the essence of radical Islam and thus has allowed them to not only enter out country but to take hold of many regions of our nation.  By refusing to acknowledge the presence of radical Islam they have placed Americans in jeopardy and have been, at best, indirectly responsible for the deaths of many Americans.  They have with willful reckless disregard freed prisoners who have been held as combatant terrorists simply to allow them to return to the battle and resume attacking Americans.  Our Presidents has not only ignored the presence of radical Islamist but is having closed door meetings with many members of Islam in the White House which is supposed to be the ‘People’s House’.  This President has made a mockery of the roll of his office and has been completely irresponsible in spending the people’s money often for his own pleasures and whims.  It is time the people demanded an accounting.  It is time the people demanded an explanation.  It is time the people demanded that something is done regarding this complete and utter disregard for the office of President and those in office at the expense of the taxpayers.  The Muslim Brotherhood is deemed by many Muslim countries to be a terrorist organization with terrorist ties yet this administration has many of them in its employment at taxpayer expense.  Why is this administration harboring those who many deem to be part of radical Islamic organization?  Is this why the President refuses to acknowledge the presence of radical Islam because he knows it would bring his own administration into question?  This administration continues to flood billions of taxpayer dollars into countries where it is known that the money funds the very forces our military is trying to combat.  This makes this administration guilty of funding American enemies.

If this was a regular corporation this administration would be beyond worthy of being fired and investigated for embezzlement of corporate funds.  Yet no media is exploring and demanding answers.  The media which have questioned this administration has been met with force by the administration to be quiet.  People who have questioned this administration have been met with the financial terrorism of the power of the IRS.  The checks and balance system has been corrupted with the Department of Justice signing off on many of the more than questionable actions of this administration yet when questioned it seems easy for the ‘buck to be passed’ so that no one is held responsible and no one seems to know where it originated.  Records have been lost or destroyed to the point that it rivals the grade school explanation when asked about the student’s homework the response being that the dog ate the homework.  Investigations have been little more than window dressing in that instead of the two parties trying to find what is best for America one party seems to want answers while the other party simply circles the wagons to protect the party and not America.  IT IS TIME TO DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!!!!!


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