Our President is an idiot

Obama 2015

I was raised to have respect for people.  If I could not have respect for the person I was taught to have respect for the office.  I am sorry but I cannot do that with this President.  I have actually tried.  But each time I try he exceeds his previous stupid quotient.  His comment made during the last Prayer Breakfast seems to have finally taken the cake.  According to the statement by Obama Christians are no better than Muslims who are killing in the name of Allah because of the Crusades where Christians killed in the name of God.  There is a small problem with Obama’s rational.  At least one but I will that for other minds to ferret out.  The small problem that I see is that the Crusades were around 1200 AD and Islamic radicals burned a man alive yesterday.  Last I remember we have not had a recent Crusade.


There have been radical Christian fundamentalist who have done wacko things in the name of God.  Westboro Baptist church comes to mind of many people.  But again there is a small flaw in Obama’s comparison.  Most all the churches openly and adamantly condemn the actions of the Westboro Baptist church as having nothing to do with Christianity.  There is no question where the rest of the churches stand regarding Westboro.  Yet the majority of Muslims seem awfully silent regarding the corruption of Islam at the hands of the wackos.  Obama liked to quote the Old Testament to support his notion that Christians did evil things in the name of God.  As a student of theology my mind is a swirl as to the many directions in incorrect interpretation this takes.  But you listen to him speak and he comes across as a great teacher of theology.


The last time I heard this argument was when I was chatting with a Muslim about theology.  They loved to bring in the Crusades but never seemed to be able to discuss current events.  I asked them about the part in the koran where it says to beat your wife softly.  I tried to discuss how the New Testament spoke of the Christian was supposed to love his wife as his own body and being willing to sacrifice himself for her.  ( Yes, to anyone who abuses his wife and tries to get away by calling himself a Christian I am calling you out here and now for being nothing for than a fake and hypocrite!)  I would like to see Obama at least get into the 19th or 20th century if he is going to discuss current events.  Personally I have tried not to enter into discussions as an expert on subjects that I really knew nothing.  I tried to limit my ‘expertise’ to areas that I had more than adequate knowledge, understanding and possibly experience in.  My daddy used to always say that he would rather keep his mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.  In other words, it is better at times not to speak.  Unfortunately in the area of theology President Obama forgot that lesson.  This is just one more notch in his list of times that he has opened his mouth and proceed to insert foot.


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