Why worry about an image now?

obama sitting
There have been a number of times that President Obama has been questioned by the media regarding some of his actions which appear with totally cold, aloof, or completely out of order for the office.  These range from his hurrying back to golf after a quick announcement about an American getting his head carved off by ISIS to his global gum chewing.  One explanation given was that he was just not into worrying about image nor aware of appearances.  Then why is Obama so overly concerned as to what the Islam world thinks about his using the term radical Islamic terrorist?  He seems to be the only one in the world NOT using that term.  At one time I would have been willing to possibly concede the idea of not being seen as at war with all of Islam might have been a good thing.  But Obama has taken any possibility of a positive light and has gone well into what might be seen more as a personal obsession with being an advocate of Islam.  His hyper concern about what not to say regarding Islam has not done anything to keep Americans safe from radical Islam.  If anything it has made America look weak and confused in the eyes of the world.

Obama has used the expression of playing ‘wack-a-mole’ in order to deal with terrorism.  In other words he would prefer to deal with terrorism where it pops up rather than taking it on at their sources.  As Obama refuses to address the real issue of the terrorism, their radical views of Islam, all that will be able to be accomplished by any military measures would be to deal with ISIS at one location.  All the radical Islamic training camps will be avoided since we are not dealing with ‘Islam’ or radical Islam.  Obama also places the homeland in great danger because with his avoidance of any appearance of being in conflict with Islam he ignores all the radical Islamic training camps which are within our homeland.  This point of is avoidance needs to be investigated for treason.  He is purposely leaving America at risk because of his irrational fear of a term:  radical Islamic terrorist.

ISIS and other radical Islamic groups have proven themselves to be nothing more than animals and barbarians.  ISIS and their latest act of burning a man alive should not surprise the world.  These animals know nothing but slaughter and should be met with nothing but slaughter.  They are a cancer than needs to be irradiated.    But Obama seems to want to place nice with all of Islam.  As factions of Islam bury women up to their waist so they can be stoned to death for not meeting something in the Sharia law that would not get a man killed, they are all nothing but barbarians.  Why does Obama still insist on sending billions of US taxpayer dollars over to these countries?  Why does Obama still insist on making sure that no one insults Islam?  Islam deserves to be insulted to the highest degree for promoting these types of acts against fellow human beings.  They are even barbarians against their fellow Muslims!  Islam is nothing about peace and harmony but power, lust, and murder.  Obama is and has been selling America out to the highest Islamic bidder just to keep in good graces with those within Islam.  His demand to protect Islam is nothing new and even the most diehard of Obama supporters are having an increasingly difficult time protecting the idea that Obama is not a devote follower of Islam.  Personally I do not care if he followed farm animals and sacrificed chickens on a rock made of old tuna sandwiches, his behaviors are threatening the safety of America and Americans.

America was the leader of the free world and stood for right.  If there is anything good to come from Obama’s lack of world leadership is that other nations are being fed up with ISIS and are stepping up to the plate.  ISIS has beheaded Japanese citizens.  ISIS has burned a Jordanian alive.  While it would be rather interesting to watch the rest of the world all attack ISIS at once and remove them from all memory, my concern would be what would happen to America.  Will America be seen as a power for good in the fight against evil or will America be seen as a force that stood back and played politics while people died.  It would not bother me one little bit if the rest of the world all turned against ISIS and the rest of the radical Islamic terrorists movements.  This would also mean that many countries would be fighting many of their own people.  It does make me wonder what would be the makeup of World War III.  What I am certain about is that Obama has made America weaker and has allowed the enemy within to become a strong force which must be faced.  I believe history will write Obama down, especially if there is to be a WWIII as the President that could have done something to intervene and refused due to politics.


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