An honest question for honest Muslims


Our nation is becoming divided under this administration.  With everything from Muslim acts of terrorism being called workplace violence to Muslims being exempt from the regulations of Obamacare due to technicalities in their religious wording our nation is rapidly becoming divided into Muslim and non-Muslim by this President and his administration.  Yet somehow the non-Muslims are supposed to simply kick back and understand that all the barbaric butchery being done around the world in the name of Islam is not our Muslim and that we are supposed to must accept that the Muslims living next door are peaceful.  Regardless as to what fairy tale President Obama lives in the world is skeptical of Islam.  Anything carrying the name Islam is becoming questionable.  People see Islam and they see Islam.  People do not see some geo-political diversification that separates the nuances of Islam.  They hear the Islamic terrorists yelling praises to allah as they are slaughtering innocent by-standers and they see Islam.  It is time for the Muslims of America to openly decide which side of the line they wish to be aligned.

People have a right to question Muslims.  People have a right to be wary of Islam.  If I was working around a devote Muslim I promise you that I would be very concerned to have him working around sharp objects.  This is not because I hate any religion.  It is because so many of their fellow Muslims go from a happy co-worker one day to cutting the heads off of people who do not wish to convert the next.  If I was in the military next to a devout Muslim I would have reason to question the loyalty of that fellow soldier to protect my back as a fellow American due to actions of other Muslims in the military both at home and abroad.  I listen to various pro-Muslim groups support their different actions such a not permitting ‘honor killings’ where the parent brutally kills their child for doing something non-Muslim.  As a parent there is no way I would want my daughter to date a Muslim as they have their Imams trying to explain how it is good for a Muslim to ‘beat his wife softly’ as per the koran.  People have reason to question all of Islam and to wonder just where they stand.

As I have stated in other articles that I have written, if the Muslims do not want to be painted with the same brush then the responsibility falls upon them to come out from among others carrying the name Islam and to be openly different.  It is not the responsibility of the common average citizen to assume they are different.  How many citizens tried doing that and have been either shot or beheaded.  It is the responsibility of the Muslim.  Anyone who wants to claim this as simply Islamophobia has no idea as to the meaning of the words parsed out or of human nature.  Islamophobia as per the word means terrified of Islam.  I question Islam.  I doubt their willingness or capability to be interested in me.  I am suspect of Islam and the followers of Islam.  But make no question that I am far from terrified or fearful of Islam.  Make no question of my willingness to confront Islam.  Make no question of my willingness of fight against Islam should they, anyone in Islam, try to harm my home or homeland.

This is a direct challenge to all of Islam in America to make it clear where you stand.  Do we need to be concerned about you and our safety or not!  Are you a peaceful religion or just the front of peaceful waiting to kill anything and everyone who does not wish to convert.  Are you the kind of people who demands freedom of religion but refuses to return that same right to others.  Islam, itself, is to be put to shame based upon its own teachings.  I read where Islam wants the very presence of Israel removed.  Yet Israel has shown nothing but tolerance to other religions.  Israel has never demanded that their food be part of anything.  If Israel did not find things to help their people the Jewish people created it themselves.  We in America pride ourselves as to never look down upon any religion.  But there is a behavior that is being clearly associated with Islam that deserves to be despised.  That behavior is one that demands its way like a spoiled child.  It is a behavior that demands freedom of religion but refuses to grant it to others.  It is a behavior where everyone not part of their religion is considered insignificant and unimportant.  It is an attitude that is the total contradiction as to America and for what America stands.  This is an honest question to all honest Muslims.  If you do not want people to treat you with suspect then you are responsible to show them you are different from the nut-jobs running around under the name Islam showing nothing to total distain for anything and anyone not a follower of Islam.  If you refuse to come out and be different then do not blame others for treating you with suspicion.  You would have brought this upon yourself.


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