Wolf at the door

wolf at the door

With my rather outspoken disapproval of Barack Obama I am sure that I am on various lists.  They also know all the organizations I have been part of from the Boy Scouts at an early age up to the NRA and the Sons of the American Revolution.  I know that my work with veterans probably has me labeled somewhere somehow.  So I wanted to set all records straight.  I do not believe that Americans will ever be at war with America or the American government.  What I do unfortunately see happening, and I pray to God that I am wrong, is that factions within the government which has some power associated with government very likely may someday be at war with the American people and the rest of the American government.  The American government has been infiltrated with the very people that we have fought wars to prevent from taking power.  We have numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that many Islamic countries have deemed as a terrorist organization, holding offices within our government.  We have members of Marxist, socialist and even communist parties either holding offices or as close consultants and associates of this administration.  These are all simple facts.  No one is making absurd claims out of thin air here.  These people have also made no secret of their associations with our government and government leaders.  This is also very disturbing.

Our present government has a foundation through its key people with a history of violent protests, armed take overs, and even domestic terrorism.   Eric Holder took part in an armed takeover of an ROTC building while at Columbia.  William Ayers and the Weather Underground’s history of bombing buildings is simple fact.  It is very difficult to disassociation William Ayers and Barack Obama when they both served on the same board of directors for nine years in Chicago.  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold offices as high as within the Department of National Security.  These people evidentially have had no vetting.  I am a volunteer with the local police department and if these people would have undergone even that simple of a vetting as I went through they never could have been appointed to their positions.

I am not anti any group.  I do highly oppose the actions of many of the Muslim groups in America who have been demanding their rights to the level of imposing their opinions.  No one should be able to do so but it appears as if under this administration these people are more protected than the average citizen.  Radical black groups such as those who burned down much of Ferguson MO have been protected by this administration as they were encouraged in their actions as ‘expressing their freedom of speech’ and the words of Obama of ‘stay the course’.  Then he tries to distance himself by saying how actions of destruction are not condoned.  What does he think they were doing prior to him telling them to keep the course?  Obama has opened the flood gates for illegals from Mexico and Latin America.  It is simply a fact that included in the ‘poor little children needing to be protected’ were members of radical Mexican gangs whose only agenda is to kill anyone who gets in their way.  MS-13 has a reputation of doing this very thing with no regard except to watch people die.  Cartels have also infiltrated along with the ‘poor innocent children’ as the Democrats and Liberals like to refer to those who have come across the borders in droves.  As ranchers who live on the border has referred to the border as a war zone with frequent firefights our nation is not safe.

Obama has made it clear, as has been confirmed by numerous military leaders, that his priority is protecting the image of Islam.  His various actions have also demonstrated that he is willing to do anything that might mean future votes for the Democrat party regardless what it might cost America or individual Americans.  Even an introductory economic examination of the nation’s financial situation is clear that his actions has financially critically injured future generations and has made the national debt a permanent fixture as it increases by millions each minute.  A man like Barack Obama is a dangerous man not to be trusted.  He says one thing while immediately doing another which has been his practice throughout his terms in office.

I fear for my country.  I fear for my nation.  I fear for my people.  I do not necessarily fear my government.  But I do fear or highly distrust many who hold government offices.  Do not be deceived.  There is a wolf at the door.  The house may still be sound but be careful as to who is acting as the doorkeeper.


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