Who is a Patriot?


Who are these people referring to themselves as Patriots?  Who are these people who keep insisting on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  Liberals present them as people who are just interested in their own twisted priorities.  Media portrays them as deranged gun nuts only interested in the Second Amendment.  Progressives present them as radicals who need to be watched.  But who really are these people who call themselves Patriots?  If more people would be willing to ask this simple question maybe there would be more peace and productivity in our nation.  A Patriot is a person who looks at pictures of Auschwitz and remembers that good people can be lead to do bad things.  A Patriot is a person who looks at the early 13 colonies which existed under England and realize that a good idea can become twisted whenever power precedes people.  A Patriot is a person who understands that there are things more important than life and profit.  A Patriot is a person who looks at history and sees where good governments can become bad governments leading leaders to be tyrants.  A Patriot looks at the precepts set forth by our Founding Fathers and realizes that there was a system set in place allowing the individual to become anything the individual had the drive and desire to become.  A Patriot does not look at barriers but possibilities.

A nation cannot exist without Patriots.  Without the Patriot who has their eyes on what can be and what should be is essential to keep a balance by reminding people what might be should good men become bad.  Patriots are not pessimists but realists.  Throughout history there have been Patriots, not only in the 1700’s but in the 1800’s, 1900’s and still today.  Patriotism is not earned by slogans quoted but by principles believed.  All races, creeds, colors and religions may be Patriots.  Patriots place the freedoms of others ahead of self and one’s preferences.  A Patriot believes in accountability for one’s self, one’s actions, and one’s future.

One Patriot is a threat to 100 tyrants because that one Patriot knows the desire and power of 10,000 free men and women.  A Patriot hears the shouts of those who have gone on before in the striving for freedom and personal liberty.  A Patriot is one who is willing to pick up the mantel of a fallen fellow Patriot that the message and dreams of the individual right to exist may continue to be heard.  The tyrant and those who oppose personal individual liberty cannot stop the Patriot therefore they feel they must discredit the Patriot.  If the Patriot can be presented to the rest of society as a lunatic, a radical without focus or purpose, a selfish detractor, or a cancer wanting to infect the rest of a workable body with their destruction; then the Patriot has been made null and void.

Who is a Patriot?  A Patriot is anyone who believes that the individual is the greatest number and the most unlimited source.  A Patriot is a person who never underestimates the power of one individual and who believes in the right to exist combined with the drive to fulfill their dreams in spite of consequences.  A Patriot has no minimum or maximum age.  A Patriot must have the heart of a dragon and the gentleness of a dove, plus the wisdom to know which is best to be used.  Who is a Patriot?  I am a Patriot.


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