Obama and Antisemitism

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I know any more a person has to be very careful what they say and how they say it because the idea of free speech is very much under scrutiny.  You are able to speak freely as long as you say the right things and things that are approved.  Last I knew a person was still able to have their own opinion.  In my opinion, personally, I believe Barack Obama, the President of the United States is a bigot, racists, and anti-Semite.  While he uses all the right words his actions prove otherwise.  Personally I believe his priority lists begins as thus:

  1. Islam
  2. Democrat party
  3. Himself
  4. Money
  5. Power
  6. Sports

And then somewhere way down the line is America, the Constitution and doing things that are right but just not on his list.

Obama has made the statement how Neytanahu would pay for accepting the invitation to speak at the US Congress it made me wonder what would have been the reaction if that same statement would have been made toward a black national leader.  It would have been met with so many cries from the liberal left a person’s ears would be ringing for months.  But for Obama to make that statement towards the leader of the Jewish world the liberals are silent as usual.  Obama’s feeling toward Israel is clear via his actions.  He has snubbed Neytanahu and other leaders of Israel repeatedly.  He has chosen to not go to the 70 anniversary of the closing of the Nazi death camps.  He is not even sending Biden.  This is a slap in the face of Israel as well as the survivors of the Nazi death machines.  Instead he is going to the funeral of King Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia.  It is interesting that this was the king that Obama bowed to on one of his first world tour visits.  Granted this man and Saudi has been a longtime ally for the US but so has Israel.

It is interesting who Obama and his administration choses to honor.  At the funeral of Michael Brown, a felon, thug, and bully; at least three from the administration were in attendance.  Nelson Mandela, the late President of South Africa, received a presidential attendance.  This one is understandable for the appearance of Obama but what was disturbing was that Obama did not give the same thought to the death of an American hero, Neil Armstrong who walked on the moon.  Obama failed to attend the funeral for Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England who has stood by America through World War II and other wars since then.  There is no rhyme or reason to where Obama goes or who he chooses to honor.   If I may be so bold as to offer an observation.  The funerals he sees fit to honor are those of black people or Islamic leaders.  While there are those who are screaming that I am being racist I would like them to explain why Obama would send a delegation to the funeral of a criminal shot while attacking a police officer yet miss the funeral of Lady Thatcher.

Repeatedly Obama has taken the side of the black individual even without knowing any facts of the situation.  Obama stoked the tensions regarding Trayvon Martin with his statement of if he had a son it would be like Trayvon.  He stoked the tensions in Ferguson by his statement to stay the course of those protesting and burning the city to the ground.  He stoked tensions between blacks and the police by his comment how the police acted stupidly when Henry Louis Gates was arrested by a white policeman simply doing his job.  Martin Luther King wanted to see the day when a person would be treated by the character within and not the color of his skin.  Obama has done all he could to amplify the color of the skin and reduce the sound of the character within.

With Obama’s most recent act of what has all appearance of ignoring the millions killed by the Nazi Auschwitz and the Holocaust as showing the world that the millions of lives lost has no significance.  This is an insult to all the lives, which included all races and nationalities, those who fought and died to stop the slaughter, and the lives that continued to do great things with their freedom.  There is an interesting component that seems to fit in with Obama’s priority list.  Obama has made it obviously clear that not insulting Islam is a top priority for him.  Along with typically the idea of not insulting Islam is the removal of anything to do with the Holocaust.  My question is whether Obama actually believes the Holocaust of if he is simply like so many who promote the Islamic agenda just another one who wants that scar on world history ignored.

It is not easy to think that the leader of the free world is a bigot, racist, and anti-Semite.  This man represents America.  I am so embarrassed at this gum chewing example of the greatest nation in history.  America has two more years under his hand.  I fear for the future of my country.


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