Better not forget Israel


There are many things happening in our country that has me concerned.  From the national debt being at a level that any concept of paying it off is nothing more than a mockery since it increases a few million every hour to international terrorists living on our soil probably drawing benefits paid by US taxpayers there would be a plethora of issues which could keep a person awake at night.  But there is one issue that is not being addressed by any media or even seen as a concern by most people but it needs to be in the forefront.

There are not many issues that might typically be referred to as a ‘religious’ matter that gives me too many concerns.  Most matters of this realm are personal and up to the particular individual.  But there is one subject that I feel America has overlooked to our loss.  That matter is our relationship with Israel.  Many people may think that Israel needs to be separate from America and that American needs to allow Israel to handle its own problems.  But Israel and America are more closely associated than people might realize.  During the Revolutionary War George Washington approached a wealthy Jewish man for financial assistance.  This individual would be equal to or exceed any of the big money names of today.  He gave his fortune which totaled in the millions.  Keep in mind that we are talking millions back in the 1700’s.   When this man died he had no money of which to speak but he was able to live and die in a free country.  Many people do not realize that when the American flag is being folded that each one of those folds have a meaning.  One of those folds stands for Israel.  While President Obama makes claim that America is a Muslim country with Islam as having a major part in its formation the reality is that Israel holds the crucial point in America’s formation and history.

I am not a Bible thumper by any means.  I believe what I believe but I do not smack anyone over the head with a Bible.  There is one main thrust in the Bible that I do take to heart very seriously.  A very strong theme in the Bible is Israel.  The Bible states how God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.  Now for those who hold there is no God I know that I lost you but if anyone wants to be that closed minded when all around them screams that intricate design demands a Designer, I am not too worried about losing them as a follower of my writing.  I doubt that they would be able to understand most of what I write any how if they are that narrow minded and, basically, ignorant.  President Obama was able to give an hour interview to ‘YouTube’ celebrities.  I use that term ‘celebrities’ in the broadest of definition.  I have difficulty picturing anyone whose claim to fame is sitting in a bathtub filled with milk and Fruit loops eating her way out of the tube as a real media leader.  While our President is able to grant an hour interview with these media giants he gives no thought to snubbing the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.  I have watched on numerous occasions this President snub Israel.  Not only has he snubbed Israel but has insulted them by promoting Hamas, Palestine, and others who threaten their very existence.

It truly baffles the mind to watch this administration’s utter disregard for Israel and how our government keeps siding with those who have openly called for the death of Israel.  Our leadership gives all the right words publically in support for Israel but our actions deny all those wonderful words.  Our leadership cannot be so completely incompetent and utterly stupid as to think that Iran is seeking peaceful usage of nuclear power.  When has Iran sought anything for peaceful means?  With all that is going on in the world today America needs to strengthen its association with Israel and not weaken it.

The bottom line of matters for me is simple.  Maybe my bottom line is that I am a simple individual but that is fine with me since life can get way too complicated if permitted.  My bottom line is that if the Book says to support Israel then I plan to support Israel.  I would hope that eventually our government will get back to supporting them also before it gets too late.


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