It’s a Constitution thing


I find it interesting how increasingly more people from outside our country are more interested in where Obama was born than Americans.  In order to keep the issue quiet at home the protectors of Obama have done a wonderful job of humiliating anyone who questioned Obama being born in America as being a ‘birther’ and some type of nut-case who sits in their mother’s basement wearing tin foil hats.  Evidently people of Kenya and Great Britain did not get the memo.  From some of the archives in Great Britain to Ambassadors in Kenya and other highly educated people in that countries leadership all support Obama being born in Kenya.   A Kenyan birth certificate bearing all the proper marks and signatures support the President being born in Kenya while the provided birth certificate from Hawaii has been analyzed and deemed a poor mock up and forgery.  Student ID for the President had him listed as a foreign student and records have listed him as receiving aid as a foreign student.  All these things combined with the question as to why the President is using the social security number of a dead man would normally place the average person in front of a judge.

This is not a Democrat or Republican thing.  This is a Constitution thing.  It truly does not matter if a President or politician follows the rules or regulations or their party or even of the law.  I say that last part reluctantly because if every politician was to follow the law as the average person is expected to do there would be no politicians which is a sad state of affairs for our political leadership.  The back room deals, kickbacks, shady maneuverings, payoffs and winks by law officials are so common place it is sickening.  Even the term ‘politician’ is by its very nature associated with corruption.  But the question regarding the validity of the increasing number of claims of Obama being foreign born supersedes all of the above.  This singular question tears at the very fiber of the Constitution.  If one factor of the Constitution is able to be ignored then the whole becomes in jeopardy.  If the claims by leaders of Kenya itself is true than those in high positions within the Democrat party are guilty of a case of fraud against the American people so grievous as to boggle the mind.  If this is true then those in the Democrat party who promoted and pushed the election of Barack Obama would have defrauded the American people out of billions of dollars given in support, billions of dollars spent under this administration and billions of dollars yet to be spent due to bills passed under this administration.  This is not simply a Democrat and Republican thing.  This is an American thing.  This strikes at the very heart of our nation.

Personally I do not care for either party because I believe for too long both parties have lied to the people and have let them down.  Too many politicians across the board have been sworn in with fingers crossed knowing they had no intention of doing anything more than passing a personal agenda and cashing a paycheck which would last the rest of their lives.  Whenever a person takes this topic it feels like being a baggage boy on the Titanic; no one really cares what you are saying nor are paying attention.  You are actually considered rather odd for even caring about the matter.  But the Constitution is not a bunch of independent articles like a newspaper all able to be cut out and taken as a separate item.  They are fibers in a tapestry.  They interlink and together form a whole.  For me this is more than politics.  Many of my ancestors sacrificed everything to form this nation.  Many of my ancestors sacrificed everything to keep this nation.  To tear at the fiber of the Constitution is to tear at the very fiber of our nation.  It is the Constitution that has separated America from all other countries and has allowed for peaceful changes in leadership as opposed to the bloody takeovers of other lands.

America and Americans deserved better than our leadership turning a blind eye towards significant questions.  There is no situation in which if there was this much mounting evidence pertaining to a civilian legal matter that there would not be a significant investigation.  American deserve at least as much from our political leadership, to whom a lifetime paycheck and benefits is guaranteed along with a job with an expense account that is more than the average American makes in a year and the safety of constant security and aids seeing to their every need, as they would expect from our common law enforcement who risk their lives on a daily basis for less money than the politician probably pays an aid.


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