Interpol recommends private carry


One of the best cures for liberalism is a good dose of reality.  I cannot imagine an organization more acquainted with reality than Interpol the international police organization commonly associated with tracking international criminals and terrorists.  In one of their latest interviews they make the statement that there are only two ways to basically deter radical terrorists such as the Islamic terrorist attacks seen in Mumbai and France are to either have a secure perimeter around areas such as ‘soft targets’ or areas normally considered as public areas and not typically armed, or to allow people to carry weapons.  They also go on to state how the police cannot be expected to be everywhere all the time.  Therefore, the primary conclusion of Interpol is that the best way to deter international terrorism is to encourage the people to be armed.  An armed civilian population, what a novel idea!  It is interesting how the top police organization against international crime and terrorism says that an armed civilian population would reduce the impact and deaths caused by terrorists.  It would be nice if the liberal politicians in America would just listen.

So many of the liberals in America have never had any real concerns about personal safety since they are surrounded by armed guards 24/7.  It is easy to lose all concept of reality when you live in a pseudo-reality as these big money business tycoons and politicians reside.  But those who live in the real world and have seen first-hand the realities of the evils one human being is able to force upon another have a simple solution.  That solution is the power of the individual being armed and trained to protect themselves and others.  It seems at times that the rest of the world is beginning to advance while America slips backwards.  It was this concept that originally formed this nation and created the independence from an oppressive king.  The idea of the armed populous was what broke the hold that England had over the colonies.  It was this idea that kept Japan from invading the homeland of America during World War II.  It is this idea that is one of the most sacred of rights provided for in the Constitution.  It is this idea that our Forefathers viewed as imperative to the health of a live and continuous nation.  It seems so odd that this concept is viewed as the paramount means for protecting oneself and one’s nation against those radicals who would destroy the lives and freedoms of others except for those in power of the nation that first viewed it as a God given right of self-protection and national defense.

The liberals do not want to acknowledge that the slaughter in France was done in a country where there is no right of concealed carry.  The liberals do not want to admit that weapon bans never have and never will work to reduce crime, terrorism, or death at the hands of an assailant.  Liberals do not want to recognize that those who are bent upon wreaking havoc upon others will always be able to get their weapons regardless of laws, rules and regulations.  Liberals do not want to recognize that laws are only followed by those who are law abiding and are not a threat to society.  There has never been a time when the right and the need for private carry of a firearm were ever more obvious than it is today.


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