Words do matter

radical islam

I have heard many people ask what the problem was with the idea that Obama refuses to say the words ‘radical Islamic extremists’.  I expect this question from sources of the Obama protectorate such as MSNBC.  But on Fox News which is typically I heard the same construct echoes by one of their newscasters Shepard Smith.  There is a problem with our Commander and Chief not being specific in the target of our military actions. What Obama likes to say is that the acts have been an act of terror.  Unfortunate that is not specific.  There are many types of terror and terrorists.  There are the eco-terrorists who burn down houses and construction that they feel is too elaborate and would leave too large of a ‘carbon footprint’.  There are those who want to change how our food is produced which leaves some to promote them as pioneers against an upcoming famine and world hunger and others to call them bio-terrorists because they are using chemicals in the production of what we eat.  Greenpeace may be seen as an eco-terrorist as they drive large spikes into trees so that when the logger’s chainsaw hits them it runs a danger of breaking the blade and of severely cutting the logger.  Sea Shepard may be seen as a terrorists group as they are throwing bottles and canisters on the decks of whaling ships and fowling up propellers forcing someone to have to risk their lives to get their ship running again.  The IRS may be seen as a source of financial terrorisms as certain ones in the present administration has used them to calling in certain opponents to the President for random and consistent audits.  The list can go on.  An act of terror includes everything from bombing a plane to being called into the Principal’s office.  It is any act that produces fear or a sense of a terrified emotional state.  But America is not bombing the IRS, Principal’s office or Greenpeace.  America is bombing ISIS which has identified itself as a radical Islamic extremist terrorist organization.

If some of the wars in the past have taught us anything it is that there must be a specified enemy.  There is also no need to get caught up in technicalities.  Any time we are bombing someone and they are shooting or bombing us, we are at war.  But we cannot be effective unless the enemy is identified.  We are bombing ISIS today and tomorrow ISIS changes its name which is common amongst those nut-job groups.  Are we still at war with the same principle we were at war with earlier?  What are we at war?  What are we fighting?  Our President needs to stop being politically correct with the Muslims and playing for votes and start being serious with the American people.  His playing around with words is able to cost American lives.  America is already questioned by other global leaders by its lack of focus regarding our military actions.  Calling things by their name such as ‘radical Islamic extremists’ is not a conservative or Republican thing.  It is simply focusing the direction upon the correct enemy.  No productive action can ever be taken without a distinct target.  Those who are going to fight deserve the right to have a distinct answer to the question ‘why are we fighting and who are we fighting’.

There must be serious questions raised regarding the avoidance of this phrase when even the leaders of some Muslims countries call out ISIS and those who attacked France as radical Islamic extremists.  Why is our President more loyal to these groups and not wanting to ‘insult’ them than the leaders of the Muslims countries?  Why is it that other Muslim countries have labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization while our President has appointed many members of that organization to sensitive positions in our nation?  I do not fault anyone for wanting to be close to their brothers but I do question Obama’s close relationship to his brother who is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood while we are at war with a radical Islamic extremist organization such as ISIS.

As I have stated previously in my writing, I do not care what religion a person choses to follow.  That is personally up to the individual.  I may or may not agree with that religion but that is none of my business.  Our Constitution permits freedom of religion.  I know what Obama has stated regarding religion in the past but actions and associations all prove of his Islamic leanings.  If Obama wants to be a Muslim that is his business but it becomes my business when it interferes with his job as President and my nation’s security.  Obama’s warm comments from and association with people such as his brother who is high up in the Muslim Brotherhood and people such as Louis Farrakhan a leader in the Nation of Islam in America are indicators of his Islamic faith.  According the Islamic law, anyone who was a Muslim and has defected is worthy of death.  This law is not placed to the side just because someone may be family or friend.  Actually the Islamic law prohibits being friends with a non-Muslim.  This definitely would have prohibited Farrakhan from calling Obama the Messiah as he so openly did when he was first elected.

Our nation deserves leadership.  Our military deserves focus.  Our servicemen and women deserve answers as to why they are supposed to be willing to kill and die.  There is more to a term or phrase than simply echoing words someone else might have written down in a speech.  Words have meaning.  Words have power.  Words have passion and drive.  Words provide focus and direction.  Yes, Mr. President, words do matter.  We are fighting against RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMIST TERRORISTS!


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