The emperor is naked!

naked emperer

There comes a time when the truth is revealed.  Periodically it comes through the most unusual sources.  Many people knew that Obama likes to rather stretch the truth to fit his needs.  But when it is noticed by one of Obama’s leading protectorates the MSNBC then it seems to have extreme clarity.  Now I missed the SOTU address.  I had some pressing matters such as a couple birds that needed to be bathed and my cat needed its teeth flossed.  But I was able to read some of the comments regarding the matter today.  There were the expected comments about the address from those you would expect to hold a skeptical point of view.  When I came to the MSNBC I was expect the same tickling good feelings and the Obama worship for which they are famous.  I was shocked when I read where they are revealing how the President might have been in error in some of his statements.  I do not know for sure but I think the Hell might have just frozen over!

One clip that I did manage to watch prior to eating of the address was how Obama was saying that one pipeline was too small and that we needed bi-partisan bills for a larger program.  My question is:  I always thought the old saying of a march of 100 miles begins with one step.  Maybe the old sayings are out of fashion and we need to just jump right into a 100 mile leap.  Some of the other statements by Obama were the same fancy rhetoric for which he is known.  It is nice to say that the 21st century businesses need a 21st century infrastructure.  But how does he plan to do this?  With the amnesty plan the government and states will not have the money because the new amnesty plan is going to cost at least 40 billion per year.  It does not take a financial wizard to see the cost of the amnesty plan.  All the illegals now in American, and the open door which this plan represents are going to bring additional cost on education, law enforcement, medical services, IRS refunds because they will be eligible if they are paying taxes, social services, government assistance and so many other branches of spending that it make the mind dizzy.  Yet somehow we are going to have a 21st century system.  After reading what all he was saying we needed I am surprised that the Jetsons’ were not named as the new Infrastructure Czar.  Obama is great at coming up with wonderful ideas but rather slow in coming up with idea that also include how they are going to be funded and implemented.  I guess this is the typical play of action for many community organizers.  They come up with great ideas that get people all pumped up and are off cashing their check while the rest of the people are left to try and figure out how all those ideas are supposed to be funded.  If Obama is against one pipeline how is anyone supposed to remotely think he would be for a larger group of pipelines?

Obama loves to keep saying how America is out of the recession and pulling ahead.  I would love for him to take one of his many vacations and tour America’s little towns and cities.  I don’t know about other places but I loose count of the closed businesses and empty building in my area as I drive around.  Maybe the emperor needs to stop simply hanging around Hollywierd and actually start seeing real people who are not his donors.  He does not want to talk to the average person like the other politicians are forced to do with their town meetings.  He does not seem to want a gathering that has not been prepared with the correct visuals.  If it is not a photo op I doubt most highly this man would ever be seen.

Obama seems to think that America has been greatly transformed to something better than it was prior to his being elected.  If having a town burned basically to the ground by rioters whom he encouraged to ‘keep the course’; an Ambassador tortured and murdered where no one has yet been brought to justice; the NYPD and the Mayor having a major feud due to the Mayor’s liberal and anti-police views and comments; police officers gunned down in cold blooded execution; American’s beheaded in the streets OF AMERICA; If he thinks this is an improvement I would hate to see what he would call going backwards.

I love reading body language.  I do not know if Maxine Waters was having a medical emergency or not and when did we elect Walter as our vice-president?  There were many aspects of the address that probably left many people dazed and confused.  The President stood in front of all America making statements that had more holes than Swiss cheese and the workability of a pygmy trying to give an elephant in heat an enema.   All I know personally is one thing:  I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!!!


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