Martin Luther King and America


We have all heard the phrase ‘the land of the free because of the brave’.  America has earned another phrase as of late.  We are also ‘the land of the ridiculous because of the idiotic’.  America has become ridiculous in everything being racists because of people like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder.  We have become the land of the hypocritical because of the talking heads of Hollyweird who are against guns unless it is making them money in a movie.  We are a country of the non-committed because of the apathy of our political leadership who would rather be on a golf course or watching a football game instead of taking a notable historic stand against Islamic radical terrorists.  Our Forefathers are probably rolling over in their graves as they look down and see a President who embodies everything the Constitution was created to protect against.  We have the double standard of the big money people buying anti-gun bills while hiding behind their armed security forces.  You have stupid people calling it Islamicphobia to not trust a radical Muslims after they have been slaughtering people around the globe in the name of their religion.  You have politicians saying you hate the poor because you stand against a government that wants to put everyone on social services.  You have the misguided social activists saying you are against ‘black lives’ because you want them to go back home and stop tying up traffic where good people are just wanting to get to work.  And you have the Liberals who are saying you are anti-immigration just because you want people to come to America the legal way and not just to jump a fence and then expect all the benefits of being a citizen.  What recourse does the common person have against this tsunami of the absurd?

I have been in situations where you feel like you are being bombarded from every direction leaving you completely helpless of any defense.  There comes a point and time where you stop trying to fight against things and you make your mind up for your own safety and sanity.  You curl inward and protect yourself.  In a way that is the only recourse left regarding our situation.  Personally, I have chosen that I will not follow any law, edict, regulation, precept, or executive order that openly violates the US Constitution.  I will not turn my guns over to anyone even if I must bury them somewhere to keep them safe.  I will not support illegals under my freedoms as an American should the President be permitted to flood this country with people from abroad who have never proven to want to be or support anything American.  I will not attend or purchase tickets to see any movie portraying an actor who has openly violated my second amendment and insulted me as a legal gun owner by his or her statements regarding the evils of guns and gun owners.  I refuse to support anything establishment that bows to the demands of Muslims and thus forcing me to do the same by removing things that I might enjoy to eat.  I will ignore any executive order the President may enact that he does not have the permission by the Constitution to enact.  I will not volunteer any personal information that might violate my civil and constitutionally protected rights.  I will not support any group or person who finds it entertaining to call everything racists just because it does not always promote the cause of the black agenda.  I will support the causes that promote my personal views regardless whether they are ‘socially acceptable’.  In other words it is long beyond time for proper civil disobedience.  I am sure it was viewed as radical the first time Rosa Parks did not move to the back of the bus.  It is time to call enough.  It is time for the good people of this nation to take a stand.

Martin Luther King took a stand.  He would be shouting the same things as in this statement if he was still alive.  He would be calling upon ALL Americans to take a stand against those who would see America hurt.  He would be appalled by those who scream racism just because a black actor was not in the Oscars.  He would be vocal against people like Al Sharpton, Erick Holder, and Barack Obama for their bigotry and their own racism that they try to justify by their own self-righteousness.  He would be infuriated by programs that push a black person ahead simply because of the color of their skin and not the character of the person.  He would speak out against those who are endangering the lives of innocent people by their protests blocking traffic.  America has never been more backward in their ‘forward thinking’ regarding race relations and immigration than they are today.  Martin Luther King would be taking a stand and it is time for all Americans to take a stand.

I love my country.  My ancestors fought to create this nation.  It is not a matter of if but when groups like ISIS, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, Mexican cartels, and other radical Muslim groups take up arms against my homeland.  When that happens, we will not simply sit back and expect the government who has helped put those groups in place through protections to defend our nation.  When it happens that America becomes attacked from within they can expect the good people of America will not sit idly by and watch.  Americans will protect America.  It will not be a pretty sight but we will defend our country.  If the liberal politicians and their advisors do not want to see their little special groups be taken apart they need to reel them in and quiet them down because they are getting out of hand.  Once the liberals lose control of their little special groups and they start attacking America, they will be removed by Americans.

This is my country, my homeland, the land of my family and children and I do not ever want to see in America what has happened in other countries for centuries.  But our political leaders and their minions have created this mess.  They have purposely created a powder keg of radicalism by not speaking up and stopping things when they had the chance.  Americans will protect America.  Like any family we may fight and squabble amongst ourselves but woe to those who try to interfere and fight against us.  We will be united in our protecting of the rights and land that we have grown since 1776 to hold very dear.


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