Mixed signals to the military

mixed messages

It was in the news how ISIS and other groups like theirs have been advancing in spite of American bombing missions.  But there is a problem.  It is really difficult to have a war with a group that the ‘Commander and Chief’ refuses to call the enemy ‘the enemy’.  We are bombing ISIS which is a radical Islamic organization yet the President and his administration does to mention the term radical Islamic because they really are not Muslims and do not represent Islam.  Yet we are at war with a radical ideology which is following a radical interpretation of the Koran.  Are you equally as confused as I am and as our Pentagon must also be?  Of course our bombing missions have not been really fruitful because WHO ARE WE BOMBING?????  According to the reasoning of our President and his administration we would not be able to bomb anything associated with Islam since the enemy has nothing to do with Islam.  This means any Islamic communities would be off limits.  Any Mosques which are used as armories are off limits.  Basically according to their rational anything remotely labeled Islam or Islamic is off limits.  Is there any wonder why our bombing missions have had limited success if any?  This would be like if during World War II we had a bombing mission against Nazi Germany but our leadership refused to call it ‘Nazi’.  So any Nazi headquarters, Nazi arms depots, Nazi barracks, Nazi affiliates, anything called ‘Nazi’ would no longer be legitimate targets.  Who is there left to bomb?

It is time Obama took a lesson for Bush.  At least Bush knew how to do a bombing mission upon an enemy.  Shock and awe was effective.  Calling the enemy ‘the enemy’ was also effective.  You cannot have a war when there is no identified enemy!  The ideology of our present administration doomed any real success of the bombing missions from the beginning.  Get out of the way.  Our President is obviously not old enough to remember Vietnam and probably has never studied Vietnam.  His co-workers, if anything regarding Vietnam, were on the side of the enemy and have no idea of the reality thereof.  One primary lesson learned from Vietnam is that the government has no business telling the military how to run a military operation.  The government needs to get their butts out of the way and allow the military be the military.  Go back to the golf course and get out of the way!

Obama has wasted so much money between his pseudo-war on ISIS, extreme vacations, world travels, and constant campaigning all at tax payer expense.  Would someone please tell this man he is not a king, the tax payers are not his piggy bank, he is an international embarrassment, he does not have all the answers, he needs to get out of the military’s way, and he is NOT the Almighty.  America has been so humiliated on his watch.  The rest of the world wonders what we are actually doing regarding our ‘war on ISIS’, where we really are regarding radical Islamic terrorism, and what has happened to America.


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