Anti-police protests have now just become plain stupid

anti-police protests

No one would deny anyone their right to protest or free speech.  Those who believe that the police are not warm and fuzzy have made their opinions known.  They have been protesting for so long it is hard to recall when they actually began.  It has gone from simply exercising a right of free speech to where it is just ridiculous and stupid.  What do these people want to accomplish?  If you are going to protest you need to have a desired goal.  Protests simply for the sake of protest is meaningless and an act of futility.  Protests for the sake of protest equate to nothing more than an excuse to inconvenience others for your own selfish motives.  It is clear that the protesters now really have no agenda except to be a nuisance.

What do these people want from the police?  Do they even have any idea as to why they are protesting except for the excuse for anarchy?  Enough is enough and now they have just moved into the realm of the stupid.  You really express nothing more than ignorance to be against something when you have no idea as to what you want to change or how you want change to look.  If these people want there to be no police force then they prove that they are not against the police but against order and law.  It is already clear they are against order and law as they are disrupting the flow of traffic and good people trying to get to and from work or emergency services.  Who are these people going to call if someone retaliates against them?  Are they going to call upon the same police force they are protesting against?

As long as the media will give these whiners a stage upon which to act like the spoiled little children that they truly are they will continue to whine and through a fit over things not going their way.  As long as there are those such as the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and Eric Holders of the world who are willing to egg them on then the brat children of society who have nothing better to do than to make the lives of innocent people miserable will continue.  I watched this happen during the university riots of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  There would be a small group that would come into a university and stir people up with some cause.  After they were able to get them all in a fuss the small group would sit back and watch what they felt was the fun.  They would watch as towns were destroyed, businesses disintegrated, educational institutions burned and people die.  They did not care about the consequences.  They were having sick and demented enjoyment at the expense of weak minded followers.

The anti-police movement has gone on long enough.  But in our country they are allowed free speech and the right to protest AS LONG AS it does not trample upon the rights of others.  They have exceeded their welcome.  They are now trampling upon the rights of good people wanting to take care of their families.  If these people are so against the police the answer is simple.  All they need to do is to not break the law and they will not have encounters with the police and when someone tries to rob them not to call upon the police and the police will not arrive.  CASE CLOSED!


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