Anti-gun and treason

gunfreezone (1)

America is under threat.  There are places like ‘Islamberg’ in New York where the radical Muslims think they own the town and that it is only for Muslims.  Last count there was more Muslims in Michigan than anywhere else in the US.  Areas of Arizona are off limits to American citizens due to cartel and human trafficking.  Ranchers have described areas of the southern border as a war zone where firefights between ranchers and illegals are not uncommon.  ISIS and other Islamic nut-jobs have training camps throughout the US.  Mexican gangs terrorize many areas along the West coast and the southwestern portions of the US.  Radical blacks such as the Black Panthers are claiming to patrol their streets with fully automatic weapons.  Our nation has been permitted to descend into a state where good people are threatened in their own homes.  More rights seem to be granted to the criminal.  The President wants terrorists tried in civilian court where the lenient criminal laws would apply.  Terrorists who go to fight for ISIS are permitted to return back to the States thanks to the Democrats who refused to vote to revoke their passports.  Police are under threat thanks to people such as this administration, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Bill De Blasio.

Now more than ever America needs its second amendment and the right to bear arms.  People such as ISIS evidently do not fear our government.  Our government has been a major international joke when it comes to groups such as the radical Islamic terrorists.  I do not know too many who would fear our present administration except for law abiding citizens.  But these groups which want to threaten America and the American way of life should fear the people of America.  This administration has proven itself to be as beneficial in protecting the American citizen as a rained on potato chip.  It was the armed citizen that made Japan think twice before attacking the mainland.  It will be the armed citizen that will protect America again.  Anyone who wants to get on their soap box and scream how evil guns are and how they need to be regulated, registered and removed have not only shown their total ignorance but should be investigated for treason.  Any movement to disarm the American citizen in this present age and time is an act against the safety and security of the nation.  This, last I knew, was a definition of treason.  It does not matter if they are a so called movie star or some hypocritical billionaire with their own armed security force; they are guilty of treason against the American people.  What do these idiots think they are going to do when these negative forces actually try to take America?  If they think that it will never happen they need to first read history and then pull their heads out of their proverbial butts.  Nation after nation historically has had the view of everything is fine, the government will protect you and there is no need to fear.  This utopic view of naivety never ended well for that nation nor its people.  It is an armed populous that will be the final protecting line for a nation.  Regardless who the assault is by, it will be the good patriots of his nation that will defend it.  Any government that promises to take care of all your needs can also remove all your privileges.  It does not take much to remember the slaughter in France by the Islamic terrorist.  These are the same Islamic radicals we have in our country in spite as to what our government wants to call them.  Everyday there is an increasing list of homegrown terrorists who are having their plans thwarted.  Keep in mind that the police agencies have to be lucky every time but it only takes a terrorists being able to be lucky one time for there to be blood in our streets.

Anti-gun laws and proponents need to be opposed and revoked.  Anti-gun spokespersons need to be silenced by the masses that are sitting back and, while disagreeing, are saying nothing.  The voices of these people who want to strip the ability and the right for self-protection out of the hands of the common person will lead this nation into ruin.  This is not the ramblings of a conspiracy nut.  This is simply fact based in history.  If we do not learn from history we will be doomed to repeat it.

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