Mr. President you have abandoned America for the sake of Islam

obama protecting islam

According to the White House radical Islamic extremists cannot be called Islamic extremists because they are not really acting like followers of Islam.  This statement in itself is to wrong on so many levels.  First of all who is the White House to tell these radicals that they cannot call themselves Muslims?  It seems really odd that this administration in an effort to protect Islam from any form of negative impressions, are now restricting what can and cannot take the name Islam.  Everyone else in the world calls them Islamic extremists except our own government.  I never knew that our government was so educated in the subject of religion that they are able to label what religion a person is.  Just because they may not be acting like some thinks a Muslim should act like does not mean that they are not followers of Islam.  This is such a ridiculous action by our President and his administration to protect the image of Islam even from those within Islam.

This administration will be having a summit on radical extremists.  Instead of being seen as an action against the terrorism seen around the world this summit should be viewed with skepticism and concern.  If they are not going to be talking about what the real problem is then they will be discussing radical extremism in the perspective of what it is not in an effort to protect Islam.  That has always been the view and approach of this administration.  Instead of the summit addressing Islamic extremism this summit will be probably then addressing what they view as extremism.  According to this administration veterans, local militias, NRA, gun rights advocates and ‘right-wingers’ have been demonized as extremists.  What is going to be the outcome of this summit?  If radical Islam is not going to be the target of this summit and its outcomes then the outcomes will fall upon those things this administration views as extreme.  This should raise individual concerns.

This administration may be likened to the 5 year old who breaks a lamp and then blames everyone from the dog to their invisible friend.  Anyone and everyone is open target for taking the blame for the world attacks as we have been seeing them except for radical Islam.  Our President’s loyalty to Islam is obvious.  He will not allow any movement or statements from this administration which may be construed as a negative statement towards Islam.  This loyalty is interfering with his job as President.  His loyalty to Islam is making America weak, look weak, and be weak.  His loyalty to Islam has been placing America at risk by avoiding its ability to really take action against the cause of the acts of terror which have been witness around the globe.  Just because the President does not want to call these actions acts done in the name of a twisted view of Islam does not mean that it is not so.  These terrorists are proud to be slaughtering unknown numbers of people in the name of their religion.  By this President’s inability to call these terrorist by the name which they have taken themselves leaves America vulnerable to the very groups of these radicals which are in America.  Obama’s loyalty to Islam has superseded his oath of office and his loyalty to America.  In his book he stated that should the winds change and begin to blow in opposition to Islam that he would choose to protect Islam is exactly what this President is doing.  Mr. President, you have abandoned America for the sake of Islam.


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