Others pick up the ball Obama drops

French peach march

There is such a buzz in the conservative news about Obama not attending the peace march in France.  But, in reality this is not news.  Obama told America long before the elections that should the wind change unfavorably against Islam that he would stand by Islam.  He told us he would do this and he is simply keeping his word.  It is just becoming increasingly clear how much Obama supports Islam.  Obama and all of his administration seems to avoid at all cost any appearance of opposition to any aspect of Islam.  Even the upcoming meeting to be held at the White House is called a ‘summit against extremism’.  What extremism?  We are not watching people being killed by extreme Catholics.  We are not watching beheadings by extreme Girl Scouts.  We are watching a war against humanity by extreme Muslims.  The call is not going out for all members of the Rotary to talk up arms.  The call is out for all ‘MUSLIMS’.  The most amazing aspect of this administration is just how extreme they are in avoiding any negative appearance against Islam.  The President does not seem to care about appearance as he go golfing less than 15 minutes after making brief comments about the beheading of an American by ISIS but is a rock in avoiding ALL negative appearances against Islam.

The President and his administration have completely dropped the ball in fighting radical Islam.  Others are picking up that ball.  Groups such as Anonymous even seem to be getting into the fray.  Individual militias are taking the attacks against Americans as a serious threat.   Even the KKK has made comments about getting involved.  As these things in America are moving were private individuals are getting more involved to insure protection against radical Islam a skeptical minds begins to wonder if a void was purposely created.  Obama has made it clear that he wants a federal police force so that all police actions can be ‘fair’.  What he appears to be wanting is more closely related to the ‘brown shirts’ and later the Gestapo all regulated by the government.  While the rest of the world is openly taking a stand against radical Islam this administration buries its head.

Our present administration should be ashamed.  The heads of countries such as Israel marched arm in arm with Islamic countries.  The leaders of France, Russia, Germany and a total of 40 countries all marched together.  But the representative of the greatest country was absent.  Holder was in France and attended a meeting against radical Islam but was obviously absent in the march.  Our administration is very ready to attend meetings.  They are quick to talk.  But when it comes to actually taking a stand against radical Islam they are all absent.  They can attend marches and riots in Ferguson but unable to attend a march against radical Islam siting ‘security’ issues?

Any more it really is not news when this administration openly avoids any and all appearance of taking a personal stand against radical Islam.  This administration takes the extreme position of protecting Islam at all costs.  When they speak out against radical actions people need to monitor their words.   This administration uses words such as terror, terrorists, and even extremism.  But any comments pertaining to Islam is avoided.  Once this administration acknowledges that there is a faction of Islam that is radical, promoting extremism, and solely responsible for the murdering of thousands of innocent people, then they are on record for realizing the threat of a faction of Islam.  Once they admit the faction of Islam is responsible for barbarism then they must deal with the threat that this faction of Islam, which is in America, must be addressed.  The silence to radical Islam is no mistake.


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