Learning from the French

Effiel Tower

I never thought I would be saying that America could learn something from France.  This is not because I am some kind of anti-France bigot.  I have ancestors from France.  But with the common idea of France as a fighting force and the traditional idea of American military and police force might, I never thought that France would teach us how to handle conflict.  I remember the days of the old standing joke of:  I have a French military rifle for sale; only dropped once.  But after watching how the French handled the terrorists I must humbly retract much of what I have been saying about the French.

I was watching a video clip of one of the occasions where the French was storming the terrorists.  One terrorist thought he would simply run out and was met with what looked like a hail of gunfire.  The French were not worried about public opinion or how many bullets they might use on the terrorists.  The just wanted to make sure the terrorists was dead.  America has been having forced woosification crammed down our throats by the government and the media.  The criminal have more rights than the victim.  As I listen to the media and the governmental talking heads I am sickened by what is increasingly leaning toward the satirical newspaper being the one’s in the wrong and the poor terrorists simply responding.  That is the biggest pile of doo doo I have seen since I was out hunting bears and saw a big pile of droppings.  The attack on the innocent workers at the newspaper was not because of any ‘right wing leaning’, was not because of any cartoon, and was not because of any offense they may create.   The attack upon the newspaper was because a group of religion nut-cases went wacko and decided to go out a kill a bunch of people in the name of Islam.  That is why there was the attack.  It was all, solely and totally because of a bunch of crazy Muslim extremists wanted to murder innocent people.  PERIOD!!!!!!

Our government has gotten so much into the idea that terrorism is not an act of war but a criminal action.  Robbing a liquor store is a criminal action.  Beheading people screaming praises to Allah is an act of war against Americans and America!  Our government has gotten to where the terrorists are to be Mirandized, given attorneys at tax-payer expense, and treated with kid gloves.  France had the right idea.  You kill the terrorist.  If they want to be martyrs then it could be arranged with no questions asked.  Our media is also guilty of the woosification of America.  If an American police officer does anything anymore other than carry the criminal on their shoulders the media screams police abuse.  There used to be a time when the criminals feared the police.  Any more if I was a police officer I would fear the criminal because they have the big stick of the media at their disposal.  Because of the way the media is in bed with the criminal the police must now fear being shot by the criminal, the media and trial by public opinion, and then if they survive all the above they still have to worry about the departmental review board.  I’m sorry but today you could not pay me enough to be a police officer.  My hat is off to those who are willing to fill the extremely needed role of police officers.  I personally do not know how they do it on a daily basis.

American government at present seems afraid to call radical Islamic terrorist by name.  They call it an act of terror but an act of terror is able to include anything from being called into the IRS for an audit to a building being blown up.  They both produce fear and terror.  But our government is afraid to call it an act of Radical Islamic extremists because once they do that then they are on the hook regarding all the communities, training camps, and areas in America that are known hot spots for radical Islamic extremists.  Our government does not want to admit that there are such groups in America because our own President made the comment how radical extremists are being destroyed.  Mr. President, we have them in our own country!  Unfortunately our President wants to keep his head buried in a hole in the golf course rather than doing his job in protecting America.  He also seems more engaged in protecting the image of Islam than he is in protecting America.  I do not care what religion a person practices but I do care when it interferes with their ability to do their job.  Mr. President has made it clear his religious preferences.  Before anyone screams how he is a Christian and not a Muslim allow me to remind you of a couple key precepts.  According to Islam anyone who is a Christian or Jew is to be despised by Islam.  It does not matter if they are family or friend.  According to Islam they are forbidden from having that person as either.  Radical followers of Islam such as Louis Farrakhan have so embraced Obama that he is on record as even calling him the Messiah.  Obama’s brother who is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood is seen embracing him which would be forbidden by Islamic teachings regardless of relation.  Actually, according to Islamic teachings, where Obama was raised Muslim and if converted to another religion, would not be seen as the Messiah by other Muslims but would be seen as an evil to be removed.  Obama’s religion is professed and proven by those around him more than by he himself.

But the problem is not in Obama’s religion.  The problem is in how our government and the media how betrayed the American people.  They have allowed personal ideology to come before fulfilling their oaths to the people.  The President has taken his oath.  The media have taken their oath, maybe not in words but in the tradition of what journalism is supposed to represent.  Our present media have become, in a large part, a mockery to journalism.  Our media needs to learn courage from the French.  Our government needs to learn courage from the French.  Our people must learn from the experiences of the French before we have the same events happening here in our country.


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