What’s in a name?

obama protecting islam

The term ‘Islamic extremists’ and ‘Muslim terrorists’ seem to be avoided by our present administration.  A great deal is being made by conservatives regarding this lack of terminology by the President.  The President has acknowledged that it was an act of terror.  So what is in a name?  Is there really basis for expecting or demanding things are called by a certain name?

An act of terror is something meant to inflict a sense of fear.  Anyone who has had negative contact with the IRS and lately as the IRS has been turned into a political weapon knows how the IRS can instill a sense of terror or fear.  This does not make the IRS a terrorist organization.  I have known employers who would call you into their office just so they could exercise their power by belittling the employee making them fear for their job that provided for their families.  Does that make that employer a terrorist?  There are names and titles in order to keep things in perspective.  Names and titles are important in order to keep everything from simply meshing together in to puddle of nothingness where there are no differences in how people act or treat others.  A bad employer is not the same as a nut-job who shoots up 12 people over a cartoon.  They both produced terror or fear but there is a distinct difference.

The murdering butchers who slaughtered the people in France screamed praises to Allah.  They did not promote anything else but Islam.  They made it clear they supported Islam and was doing the actions in the name of Islam.  They were Islamic fundamentalist.  Our government needs to admit this fact.  The reason why it is essential is because our government needs to stop protecting Islam.  But in order to admit that there are those in Islam who are crazy murdering nut-jobs our government must then begin to analyze who they support.  This also means that our President who has clearly made it obvious that he has and will continue to support Islam must admit that Islam is not a perfect religion.  It is not a religion of peace.  It is a religion of people who will decide if they are going to be peaceful or not.  It also means that our government must begin to be discerning where they send money and supplies.  We have been pouring billions of dollars into countries where the idea of fundamental Islam is the ruling order.  If France was attacked by a follower of fundamental Islam then our government must admit that we are supporting that type of ideology as we pour billions into these countries.

Over the past few years America has seen our President call Benghazi an act of terror.  We have seen him call a mad man shooting up Fort Hood an act of work place violence.  There was the beheading at a food production plant where the woman refused to convert to Islam so she was beheaded by an Islam co-worker.  There was the act of terrorism against the Canadian Parliament.  There are the acts of terrorism against the New York police officers.  All these have the calls of praise to Allah while the acts are being done yet they are never called acts of Islamic extremists.   Some people may ask what the big deal is about calling them acts of Islamic extremists.  But it is important to identify the enemy.  It is not the ideology of a radical group of Baptists, Boy Scouts, or Lion’s club members.  It is the ideology of radical Islam.  But for Obama to admit the actions of radical Islam he will also be calling into question many of those he has placed in governmental position such as those who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He would be calling into question the ethics of some of his closest companions such as Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan.  He would even be calling into question his own half-brother who is a leader of a Muslim Brotherhood group in Africa.  Obama clearly does not want to use the term Islamic extremist or radical fundamentalist because it hits too close to home.

America is getting too enmeshed with governments and ideologies that are not good and want to do harm.  Some on the liberal side of things feel it is bad to use terms such as good or bad.  That is another peril America is sliding into.  It was bad for people to be shot for doing nothing wrong in France.  It was bad for a guard in Canada to be shot for simply being at his post.  It was bad for a traitor to his uniform to shoot up Fort Hood.  It was bad for someone who professed to be of the ‘religion of peace’ to cut off the head of a co-worker.  It is bad for butchers to cut off the heads of American and then parade around like they had a trophy.  These are bad things done by bad people who chose to do bad things.

What with a title?  What with a name?  What is in a title and name is often found reality.  Islam is capable of possibly doing good things and of producing good people who chose good choices.  It is also capable of producing bad people who chose bad choices and do bad things.  Let’s begin to be real about Islam.  Is Islam so fragile of a religion that it must be treated with kid gloves?  Obama and this administration must start calling acts of fundamental Islamic terrorism by it real and true name.  They must start being real and honest making clear their distinctions.  If they are not going to be real and honest calling things what they truly are then we will continue to be without true direction in our attacks against ISIS.  America will continue to be an open target for Islamic terrorist by the numerous targets and training camps the fundamentalist of Islam have in America.  For what is the government waiting?  Are they waiting for the sleeper cells which people admit are in America to activate?  Our President and his administration are straddling the fence of Islam.  They want to make everything nice and a pretty picture.  It is time they became real with America and started calling things in reality.  This has gone beyond simply using a wrong term.  Their protecting of Islam has entered the realm of the stupid and absurd.


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