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eagle flag

Looking at 2015 ahead I wanted to revisit why I write my blog. I figure most people who follow my writing are probably conservative so my goal is not so much to change a person’s point of view. I am so blunt that people either really appreciate what I have to say or are totally infuriated. It is not to turn people away from Barack Obama. A person has a right to their own opinion. What I do hope to accomplish is to spark or help to keep aflame a sense of patriotism. I look at what all is happening in our country and it would be so easy to lose hope of anything ever returning to a unified America. But whether or not that remains the case will not depend upon Obama, Congress, this administration, race, Obamacare, or international image. It will depend solely upon the individual. Our nation was built by individuals. It was not built by a large conglomeration. It was not built worrying about how the rest of the world viewed us. It was built by dreams and hopes given breath, life and feet by which to move.

Americans have power. We have and always will be an extremely powerful people. This is something that is hardwired into our DNA as Americans. We have a voice and we, also, have a pen and we will use it! I know that many of our elected officials have forgotten to whom they work and who pays their salaries. This is why we as Americans FIRED so many politicians last election. I think we have their attention now. Politicians at least notice letters, phone calls, and in person contact. We also have the convenience of email. I try to let my elected officials know where I stand on matters. I know since unfortunately many of them are liberals they do not listen or care but at least I have made my voice heard. There are still opportunities for letters to the editor of the local newspapers. One time I was able to change something in a small town in which I lived by simply making it known that a business was opening up in the middle of the night rather than during day time. It was a small town and a seedy business. I did not say we needed to ‘run them out of town’ or anything like that; all I did was make information public. Many times people do not know what is happening. Politicians love to pass things quietly and quickly. This is why it is good to be active and know what is happening so you can inform others.

If you do not have a flag I would recommend getting one. I want my neighborhood to know exactly where I stand. If ANYONE would say I need to remove it I am prepared to go, if needed, door to door and raise every veteran in my neighborhood against the Home Owners Association in one big yell. Likewise, whenever you see a veteran or a police officer I would encourage you to get their attention and thank them. If you can shake their hand and tell them thank you that you appreciate what they do on your behalf. Most of us have some disposable that we waste on meaningless things. If you are at a fast food place and you have the opportunity to buy the meal of the veteran, take the opportunity. I do not know if the police officer would let you. Likewise, if you see an old-timer sitting alone having his coffee do not bother him but simply pass on a couple dollars to the waitress that pays for his coffee. No need for anyone to know who you are or what you have done. If you can, if you see an officer in trouble, help him. I know this takes finesse. But I will never allow an officer to be hurt by my unwillingness to help. If nothing else, call 911 for backup for the officer. He might not be able to get to his mic.

This is my country. I refuse to sit back and watch it be torn apart. I see race baiting by our governmental leaders and how everything is now racism. I will speak out against anyone who is trying to hurt my America. We cannot change the world. But if my writing changes one person from mildly apathetic to active, then I have accomplished my goal for 2015


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