The powder keg of liberalism

powder keg

I believe many white people are getting really tired of being told how they are the only race capable of racism. I am also so sick of the expression ‘white privilege’. What a stupid concept. White privilege consists of being privileged to get fired of saying anything about any race of life style when you are just expressing your freedom of speech. White privilege consists of being called a racist when you disagree with any member of a ‘minority’. White privilege consists of being judged because you look white regardless of your complete lineage. White privilege consists of being arrested for a hate crime when you speak out in public against the hatred of a black group being poured out in public about you when you did nothing against them. White privilege consist of listening to morons like Al Sharpton and watching him walk freely when you know if a white man made those same statement about a black man he would be arrested and locked away. White privilege consists of being a white cop and knowing that if you kill a black criminal you would be tried and convicted in the court of the media regardless of the facts of the event. White privilege consists of watching people of color treat you like crap for something that white people died to end such as slavery. White privilege consists of not being promoted because they needed to hire or promote a person of ‘color’ yet there is nothing wrong with being overlooked because of your color. People who believe in white privilege must be some of the dumbest people on the planet!

Liberals are feeding a powder keg and the liberals who are the mouthpieces for the minorities are eating it up. There is no way on God’s green earth where a white person would not be crucified for saying in public that he did not want a business in their neighborhood because it would draw too many black people. Yet a group in Portland was able to oppose a business because it might draw too many white people. I am personally fed up with the garbage the liberals are trying to shove down the throats of the American people. I am also fed up of the total and complete stupidity of those who echo those same ideas in public with some sense of self righteous indignation.

I am predominantly European in my lineage. I look ‘white’. I am also a card carrying Cherokee. I have people in my lineage with the last name of Chin whom I doubt were English. I have people in my lineage with no last name which highly indicates that I have a strong probability of having had slaves or former slaves intermarry into my family. I am tired of the stupid people who say anytime there was a slave or former slave in the line it was because of rape. In many cases the slaves were part of the family and treated like family. This is why so many slaves did not want to be freed of emancipated because THEY LIKED WHERE THERE WHERE AND THEIR LOT IN LIFE!!!!! It shows inconceivable ignorance of history to believe that every slave was beaten to within an inch of their life every hour of every day. But then again I am surprised of the absolute ignorance needed to believe the twisted thinking of the liberal.

If I was part of the majority of the black race who work hard for a living, care about their neighbor regardless of race, creed, or color and just wanted to be productive in life, I would be unspeakably angry at people the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I would be fuming at the likes of Barack Obama and Eric Holder and some of the comments they have made over the years. But people like the race baiters do not care. I truly believe they do not care if they inflame people to murder police officers. I truly believe they do not care if they inflame hatred. I truly believe they do not care if they inflame wars. They will always have their followers and followers mean power. I am so sick of people who sell their soul and the souls of the weak minded who blindly follow them just for the sake of power.

I do not know what it is going to take for the powder keg to defuse. One thing for sure it will take the media to stop fueling the stupidity by promoting them. Stop giving a microphone to every moron who has an axe to grind. Stop following every word of people like the race baiters. Start being honest in reporting and journalism. And stop being an insult to those who got into journalism because they wanted to find out the truth about things and people.


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