The people are now pissed

angry eagle

I plan to be rather blunt. I am truly tired of hearing people whine about how bad the police are and how mean they are being mistreated. There are consequences. If you do not want to be mistreated stop acting like a fool. These groups that are running around with their hands flaying in the air like someone running away from a beehive have become nothing more than an insult to the rest of their race. These people complain about how bad they are being treated by the government while most of them are running all the way to the bank with their government check. I am not against social support for people who need it but I am opposed to social support to those who are taking it with one hand and throwing a brick at a police officer with the other. Idiots like Al Sharpton seem to be sucking ego off of this chaos like a baby with a new bottle. All he seems to be doing is to feed the insanity. Mr. Barack Obama who seems to like to snuggle up to Sharpton is equally to blame for this mess and he has the gall to say that race relations have never been better under his watch. If this is better I would hate to see his idea of bad! These people love to complain about the police but do not have the courage to take the badge for one week. I dare them to try the job of a cop for even one month, one week. They could not do it! These morons would not even make it past the academy.

I know that there are some officers who do not deserve the badge. I have had contact with some so I know it first-hand. But I also know that most of them are good officers who I want on my side during a crisis. These idiots want to continue to harass the police and interfere with the lives of the average day person there will be consequence. I am not to make any threats and I am not doing it here. I do easily see that if these idiots continue to block traffic that good people are going to start simply driving through their lines at a slow yet determined pace. If they want to interfere with good people going to work to take care of their families then do not be surprised if you start getting real negative reactions to the average people. These idiots love to take on police because the police have to be really careful what they do because the upper brass is usually more interested in politics than the officers. Mayor De Blasio has proven this concept. The police also have Maranda Rights that they have to abide by while the average person does not. The Maranda Rights for the average person to anyone being an idiot is simple: they have the right to remain silent; they have the right to remain conscious. The use of their second rights depends solely upon their use of their first right!

Patience is wearing thin. The average person of any race is getting real tired of the noise of the idiots. All the threats and riots were bad enough. But as the murderous morons now have started attacking officers while on lunch, the line has been crossed. There are a group of people that we as Americans are getting sick of watching. Radical muslims and radical blacks seem to have grouped together to form a boil on the backside of Americans. We are tired and we are sick of them. I do not care if they are supported by a mayor or the president himself, which personally I believe he does, we the people will not tolerate your behavior. If you want to attack and start killing our police officers then be prepared to face the wrath of all good Americans. There will not be a federal police force as Obama seems to want because the people will take care of matters. Any federal police force formed by Obama will simply be seen as his effort to create a form of the old German SS in order to control the people under his hand. Americans will start defending America and our police officers. America, bottom line, is a family. You morons are outsiders who think you can come in here and start killing off our police officers. You have touched a member of our family. You have pissed off the people. Obama has pissed off the people by his total disregard to the fallen officers and their families. He supports Islam more than he seems to support the country he is paid by to be President. He has insulted the military. He has insulted the police. As he snuggles up to people like Sharpton he insults the very core of good in this country.

It is time that the people stood up for our police officers. It is time that the people stood up for our military. It is time the people stood up for our nation. The welcome mat is no longer out for those who have disrespected this land and its values. Those who want a free check from this country yet also to disregard all laws are no longer welcomed.

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