This is my country

alaska and eagle

There comes a point in time when it no longer matters if you are North or South, Yank or Reb, Union or Confederate, white or black, nationally born or transplant immigrant; now is the time to unite. Our nation is under attack. This is no longer a right wing nut-job conspiracy claim. This is now fact. America has been threatened by those who have the power, will, desire, and ability to carry out their attacks. ISIS and other Islamic radical groups are well seated in the American homeland. Now it not the time for worry but for unified action. They have made claims that they have their sleeper cells just waiting for word to act. We have Christmas activities and New Year’s festivities. Radical Muslims have already been killing Americans on American soil. Other radical groups have openly murdered police officers in broad daylight. America has been presented as weak and divided giving these groups an open door to begin their assault.

These groups are depending upon America staying divided. They are not expecting that Americans would ever unite against them. Each of the different radical groups is figuring that they will keep their own radical agendas. But there are a few things these radical groups do not consider. One main factor is that as the radical groups do their particular reign of terror there will be no winners. Each of the various groups does not care nor even consider any other radical as equal or even as having a valid claim. As the various groups have their own day of havoc ultimately their will turn on each other. They do not view the other groups as really be valid and will destroy each other. The next thing these groups have not calculated is the American mentality. Americans have a deep bred DNA that does not accept orders generated neither by fear mongers nor by those who would threaten to take away our freedoms too well. We may close our eyes to many things but when it comes to those that want to ultimately take away the freedoms of the general populations then the hackles become raised.

There are radical black groups such as the Black Panthers, ISIS, other radical Muslim groups, Mexican and Latin American gangs, and other factors all which want America destroyed. North Korea has made their threats to attack people just for going to see a particular movie. Enough is enough. Now is the time for all Americans to look past differences and see the one unifying goal. It will take a nation to defend a nation. There is no power that is able to conquer a unified America. We are a force with which most foes are not familiar. If we do not unify we will fall. But if we do unify we will succeed.

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