Our President is a puss


Those who have followed my writing know that I do not tend to worry about being politically incorrect. Actually I am proud of that fact of my writing. But there is one thing that I truly hate to admit openly. I truly hate to admit that our President is a puss. He is supposed to be the leader of the greatest country in the world. No insult intended to our friends in Great Britain but it was the intervention by the US in WWII that made the difference in the outcome. America is known historically as the one country where there is a definite line NOT to cross. Our President has taken that line and has moved it so many times it has its own moving van waiting on retainer.

While he says how he ‘unconditionally condemns’ the act he also does not want anyone to say anything that might make people mad. His response to North Korea threatening to create ‘worse than 9/11’ to any theater that would show a movie that it disapproves of was to call it ‘vandalism’. If North Korea had written graffiti on the theater I could understand calling it vandalism. He is freeing terrorist which we know go right back into the fight against American because Gitmo ‘offends’ the jihadist. He calls a beheading by a radical Muslim at a food processing plant ‘work place violence’. He calls a mass shooting at a military base by a radical Muslim ‘work place violence’. In dealing with ISIS he wavered from calling them the ‘JV’ team to wanting to control them to some other terms that get totally lost in the mud of his actions. He says how he wants to stop ISIS but gets upset if the military insults Islam.

Maybe there are aspects of being in the public that his advisors have told him not to show emotions. But his man seems to have no emotions except when it comes to Islam as he made it clear at the UN how the world has not place for those who insults Islam or when he is bashing the Republicans. Americans are being beheaded in foreign countries and he stops long enough to say how terrible it was and then is back on the golf course before the media has the microphone system packed back up from the interview. It is really tiring to listen to this man. I really would like a President who would stand up for America and for things like the police. Obama seems more concerned about the feelings of those who were calling for dead cops than he is about the mourning of the families who just lost a son, father, and husband less than a week before Christmas.

Obama seems to forget that he is supposed to be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. With that title comes responsibilities other than golfing. He is supposed to support America. But I believe personally he sees himself as the President of the Black States of America and of the Islamic States of America but not the United States of America. If anyone would have told me we would ever have a President such as Obama and all the total disregard he has shown for the officer, Congress, the Constitution, and for America’s image abroad I would have thought they were mad. He has made America and Americans a target by being weak and ineffective. America is presently no longer seen as a powerhouse. Obama has made America a laughing stock amongst foreign powers. I truly hate to say it; but our President is a puss.

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