Will America see the next election?

house divided

I never thought I would see the day where I would truly ask if America would see the next election without experiencing an armed conflict within the United States. I am seeing factions setting up dividing American from American as well as outside forces threatening to attack America from within. ISIS has been permitted to get a foothold as a major threat and power source for evil upon the world stage while having numerous training camps and communities spread throughout the United States. Russia has set its sights upon reclaiming old Russia territory some of which has become allied with America. Latin American gangs have been allowed to infiltrate America at alarming rates many of which hold the twisted belief that all of the southwest lands which at one time was part of or near Mexico must be returned to Mexico by whatever means necessary. Radical Muslims have increased unheeded within the States by droves committing acts of unimaginable horror both within their own families as well as committing acts of Barbary and murder upon innocent others. Radical black movements such as the Black Panthers have been almost encouraged by this administration as they have been able to put bounties upon the heads of law enforcement officers without any seeming repercussions. America, the land of the free, has been transformed into America the powder keg.

Obama and the present administration have encouraged the Islamic movement within the United States to the place where many seem to be unashamed in their acts of violence in the name of their religion. When ISIS was a small factor upon the global stage Obama dismissed them as a minor league matter not really worthy of concern. As ISIS became a greater threat he was so confused with no plan nor even the most remote idea as to what to do he contradicted himself repeatedly. As the ‘war on ISIS’ began his concern was on no embarrassing the faith of Islam and of hamstringing the military so as to no insult the religion. Holder who once took part in an armed overthrow while in college has made a history of corruption and of bias against whites to the extreme of protecting the black community and their felons. These actions only when to increase the already present divisions found in race relations. Riots were not intercepted by any Federal agencies but rather encouraged by the administration with words such as ‘stay the course’ which our President uttered to the rioters of Ferguson who proceeded to burn down most of the business community. Armed guards were utilized to protect businesses which were not destroyed setting the stage for an even greater explosion in Ferguson.

Obama now has made ovations regarding allowing over 4 million illegal aliens to remain within the United States without any threat of deportation. This is going to add what many claim to be a conservative 40 billion to the national debt per year with no idea where the money will come. There is an incentive of $3000.00 for businesses to hire the illegals while many million American citizens are to remain unemployed with no idea as to how to stimulate jobs and the hiring process. When private businesses grow and try to hire federal regulations makes it almost impossible for those small businesses to survive. The President is also looking to stabilizing relations with Cuba. There was a reason why relations with Cuba split. Obama is obviously too young to remember these times. With an extreme Marxist nation merely a few miles off the coast of Florida one must wonder what is yet to be experienced. With Obama’s Marxist leaning and his pride in being surrounded with Marxists while growing up and the number of outspoken Marxists in the White House staff it was merely a matter of time until their loyalties spilled over upon Cuba. Obama has also made comments indicating major support for the terrorist nation of Palestine directly in the face of an age old ally of Israel. While many countries have denounced the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization the Obama administration employs them rewarding them with high political offices and powers.

Obama and his foreign policies have proceeded to make America look weak in the eyes of the world as well as a laughing stock in terms of military direction. Our forces are spent fighting invisible diseases which would make more sense to be addressed by medical personnel rather than an elite fighting force. But by sending the military to fight the disease of Ebola Obama has affectively neutralized and isolated a major military option. Obama has done more within the time of his administration to cripple America and its power than any other elected leader in history of America. He rules by edict rather than through Congress. Obama, himself, represents a major threat to America. His ego and rampant thirst for power seems to know no limit. He has a drive to disarm law abiding Americans seeming to known no bounds. He appears to what to have Americans disarmed and defenseless for some reason which may yet to be seen. The final question that remains is regarding what actually is Obama’s final goal for America. He seems to what to see America divided so that he is able to rebuild it into a nation of his liking. But, Americans are not known for going down easily whether it is a force outside America trying to destroy it or a faction within America struggling for its demise.

Will America see the next election in its present state is yet to be seen. Will America survive the remaining two years under Barack Obama is also yet to be seen. The stage is critical and is set for catastrophic consequences. Americans like their freedoms and will not give them up easily. This administration has used the IRS as a weapon against the average citizen. There has never been an administration so bold as to actually use this agency to attack due to political position. People can and will only take so much before they strike back. It is my hope and prayer that there is relief in America before this happens. I do not want to see blood in the streets. Either the law enforcement agencies will be freed by the politicians to do their jobs or the people will protect themselves regardless as to political repercussions. Many politicians have places themselves as the enemy of the people denying them freedoms and personal liberties in order for the politicians to remain in power and gain further political influence.

The next two years will determine the fate of America. I am hoping that with the change of powers in Congress that there may be a lessening of tensions. People like Reid who have vowed to be nothing more than a burr in the side of Republicans and an obstructionist have no place in America’s Congress and political arena. We need a unified nation. We need a unified Congress. We need help as a nation. May God bless America, heaven knows we need it right now!


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