Word to the wise for the religion of peace

Islam church

I normally approach the subject of religion carefully. I believe everyone has a right to believe as they see fit and to be free to express the religion of their choice. I must admit that I am also re-evaluating that position in part. I see where the religion of peace as people wish to call Islam has been at it again with the slaughter of the children’s school in Pakistan. Australia recently had a dose of the peaceful religion leaving three dead. Through Iran and Syria the peaceful religion has been passing through like a plague of locust killing everything in its path. In America innocent people have been beheaded for not choosing to join in the peaceful religion. Demands have been imposed upon schools, restaurants and communities because they have offended the religion of peace and tolerance. Christians have had stones thrown at them by the members of the religion of peace and tolerance. American traditions and even the American flag is being condemned by the religion of peace and tolerance for being offensive and demanded to be removed in order to appease the religion of peace and tolerance.

I see a pattern forming. The religion of peace and tolerance seems to only be peaceful and tolerant if you wish to do as they say, demand and regulate. If you want to be independent and self-thinking not only do you risk offending the religion of peace and tolerance but depending upon how mentally unstable the member of the religion of peace and tolerance is whom you may be around you risk your very life. America was formed with freedom of worship as a base. But that also includes those who are already here. It is time that American leaders found their backbone and stood up for freedom of religion for everyone and not just for freedom of religion for Islam. If the so called elected leaders of America do not find their backbone the people of America will find it for them.

Americans are an open people. We relish our freedoms and view them as priceless. We also do not take kindly to people who keep demanding more and more of those freedoms to be removed because they are somehow offended by our freedom. It is clear by how that our government is pro-Islam. While Islam actually runs counter to the beliefs of our Foundering Fathers America is still open for freedom of worship. Islam runs counter to the beliefs of our Foundering Fathers because Islam actually calls for the elimination of Israel and Judaism and those who practiced Judaism actually played a vital role in the American Revolution. The basic principles of America were formed by those who had experienced attempted extermination for their religious beliefs as those early Pilgrims fled England and the Established Church’s persecution. The early Americans knew all too well the bloodshed due solely because of a desire to worship freely. So the basic principles of Islam and the death to anyone who does not worship Allah would not have been highly welcomed by our Forefathers. But the doors of our nation remained open for all who wanted to worship freely and independent of threat.

But as followers of Islam continue to increase their demands upon Americans to change because they find the American lifestyle offensive, and as the pro-Islam government which is presently in power bends to the demands of those of that religion forcing free Americans to change, the welcome is growing thin. It would be highly encouraged to those who wish to follow Islam to do so peacefully. It would be encouraged that they cease with their demands. Americans like bacon. Americans like Christmas. Americans like their flag. Americas like to worship as Christians or Jews. I would encourage the followers of Islam to start practicing the same actions they are demanding upon Americans if they are going to continue to find a welcome mat at the door of America. I would encourage our pro-Islam government to rethink its present stance on many issues. I would encourage our pro-Islam government to stop forcing good Americans to change for the sake of those who want to follow Islam.

Americans are a welcoming people. We have a heart bigger than the planet we inhabit. But there is a limit to our kindness. I would encourage those who find our willingness to comply to not see our meekness as weakness. That would be a major mistake.


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