What if the ISIS took hostages in America?


I have no question about the ability of law enforcement in America. What I question is whether or not they would be allowed to do their job the way they were trained. Our government has proven that they are sympathetic to Islam. Our President seems more concerned that we do not insult Islam than that we destroy ISIS. When ISIS and other radical Islam followers have committed crimes in America this present administration immediately went into action to minimize the crimes and, in cases, even apologize to the family or mosque of the terrorist while the American suffers.

America is a land of religious freedom. With this in mind I do not care what religion our President practices. His actions have basically shown clearly strong Islamic support. The problem with any religion is when it begins to interfere with the ability of any leader to protect and support America. If the President is more loyal to Islam than he is to America then it is time for him to step down or step away from those positions of military and law enforcement influence. There needs to be a question asked as to why Obama went to the Mosque of the terrorist who beheaded the woman at the food processing plant to apologize after the murder yet there is no record of anyone attending to the family of the deceased.

America has had radical Islamic followers commit honor killings where they murder their children for doing something they felt was against Islam. The federal government is fully aware of training camps within the country where radical Islam followers train in terrorism. There needs to be questions raised as to why nothing seems to have been done to clear up these camps? It is time to start having a zero tolerance for all acts of terrorism within America by these groups. When a person commits murder in the name of Islam there does not need to be an apology given to the mosque of the murderer.

These acts will continue until such time that they are seen for the reality they represent. These acts will continue as long as there are apologists willing to make excuses. These acts will continue as long as there are those who will minimize the reality of the actions. When these actions are called acts of terrorists and not work place violence; when these actions are called butchery and not honor killings; when these actions are called acts of genocide as they kill Christians by the hundreds; then these actions will receive the zero tolerance and start receiving the consequences they deserve.


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