The State of the Union as I see it.


America is at a difficult place. It has survived many things through its history. It has survived wars, internal struggles, outside threats, drought, famine, civil unrest, yet has all come through stronger. America is now facing things that threaten its very existence. America had basic principles and laws by which it lived. It knew its friends and its enemies. America was the melting pot where people came to become Americans and help make it stronger by including their unique strengths to the overall good of the nation. America has become divided. Immigrants were and are the backbone of power through its diversity. But America is experiencing people coming into it not be become Americans but to change America to their desires. With this comes division. The goal and function of America is being diverted. On one hand there are the illegal aliens that are literally destroying America. That is not a statement about those who here who want to be part of the whole. I regard those actually as part of America. Yes they may be here apart from the normal procedures but they want to be Americans and part of America. But the aliens who are a foreign part invading Americans are those who are aliens in spirit as well as actions. They are not part of the fiber of America. They are seeking to destroy the fabric of America and to demand that America leave its history and values it will perish.

There are those forces who are demanding that their culture be more important than the historic culture of what it means to be American. These are the aliens who are aliens in spirit. They refuse to be part of the melting pot and refuse to assimilate. In refusing to bend they are causing a major split in the fabric of America. There are also those of Islam who do not want to be part of the historic values of America. This is, again, not an attack on any religion. This is an indictment upon an attitude and spirit that refuses to bend to become American but rather demands that America bends to their wishes and goals. If America leaves its values, history, goals, ambitions, and heritage then America will fall. Different races are one thing that has made America unique throughout the world. Our Forefathers gave America a blueprint that made it strong. But those principles and instructions are being reduced and ignored. This was what made America so that so that changes could be the result of bloodless coup. Recently the sacred electoral process has been corrupted. People have created voter fraud by voting multiple times, registrations have been corrupted, people have voted under names of the dead and even cartoon characters. The sanctity of the voter booth is the backbone of America. The two party system which was seen as a threat by the Forefathers have divided America more than united.

Now the United Nations have decided that they have the right to import thousands of refugees from Syria to America. America normally is a welcoming home for those trying to run from and survive the raves of war. But these are yet to be seen as to how beneficial. The influx of Islamic refugees is yet to be seen as positive or negative. There are those who follow the Islamic faith who want to be good Americans. It is unfortunate that there are many of the Islamic communities who are seeking division. America is a land of freedom of religion. But that freedom of religion is only possible if all religions are willing to allow all to worship freely. Recently there have been an increasing amount of those in the Islamic community that have been seeking division instead of a united America. Demands and protests which can be seen as a part of a national family learning to live together is tearing at tis fibers because those in political power and authority are allowing demands to stand and be met in spite of the consequences.

America has a history of seeking conflict and meeting it head on. Recently our political leaders have been less willing to meet conflict head on and allow demanding minorities to force their changes upon the whole. Our leaders have gone from being brave and worth of being followed to being cowardly and spineless. Their own agenda has been also dividing American from American. Political power has been corrupting the leadership which has been poisoning the vine of the American plant. America is being poisoned and destroyed from the top down.

America is at a position in its history and existence that there is a major threat to its future. There is a severe growing threat of armed conflict. There are those of political power who wants America to be at war. There are those in political power and social status who seek a divided America. Factions seek their unique demands regardless of the consequences. As the demanding aliens of spirit, those who refuse to even want to be part of the melting pot; as the races that see their importance of a higher priority than the overall good; as the religious radical increase in their divisions rather than unity; the threat of armed conflict grows stronger. America has seen bloodshed already. Islamic radicals beheading Americas because they refuse to convert are actually be excused rather than executed for murder. Domestic terrorism is seen as freedom of speech and those who have taken part in these actions have actually been rewarded by given positions of political power and position.

America is at a crossroads. The state of the Union is in jeopardy. The time is becoming increasingly real when the only way America is going to stand is if Americans are willing to fight for America. No one wants armed conflict. No one wants combat in the streets. No one wants bloodshed. But unless the leadership returns to the principles and heritage of America the changes of avoiding this conclusion becomes increasingly less.


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