The ‘torture’ report


It is easy for people to talk now about how bad the CIA was to ‘torture’ terrorists. I wonder where their definitions are originated and if they are not more than a political definition. During Obama’s administration there have been consistent efforts to demonize America. Now there is a push to make the CIA, which would in turn mean make America, to look like barbarians. I do not know of any group that tortures anyone with a medical professional on hand to make sure the safety of the individual. I do not know of any group that does research prior to applying a form of interrogation on an individual to make sure that there will not be long lasting physical or emotional scars. People must have forgotten what is real torture. People must have also forgotten the images and emotions of what happened on 9/11. America was attacked by people who felt they were doing the will of allah. These people have no concept of humanity. I truly do not know how liberals feel that there would be any information to save American lives if they were going to take a soft kinder approach to those who were responsible for the slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Information gathered saved many lives. Information gathered made a major difference in the plans for future attacks upon America by the terrorists. Many of those held as prisoners willingly became major assets to American military. It is beyond comprehension that liberals view basic intimation or things which are in reality actually less that many college initiations rituals as torture. I do not remember any terrorists with bamboo shoots stuck under any fingernails. I do not recall any terrorists die while interrogations. I do not recall any terrorist being beaten with rods or pipes. I do not recall any terrorists being hung by their arms until they dislocate. I wonder if the liberals and the Democrats would have preferred that the interrogating individuals would have sat down over tea and cookies to discuss world events with those who had just flown planes into the Twin Towers.

America is being presented as weak. America is being presented worldwide as a toothless tiger rather than a sleeping giant. America has lost its position as a power house not to be toyed with and a force with which to be reckoned. As America has been presented to the world it has placed Americans worldwide in danger. Americans have been attacked and killed at will. America is not feared. Without some level of fear those who are bent upon destroying and attacking America and Americans will continue without any regard for consequences.

The report regarding the actions of the CIA has no purpose but to demonize both the CIA and America. The report has nothing regarding lives saved. The report has nothing about the care taken to make sure that the terrorists were actually safe during interrogation. The report has nothing to say about positive results. The report has the single purpose of political politics. At what time is political politics able to take a greater value than America? At one time it would have been considered as treason to have a singular purpose to harm America. Other than to present harm to America and Americans what is the purpose for his CIA report? In that there is now an extremely heightened concern for harm to be done to Americans abroad, why is the releasing of this report not considered as an act of treason?


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