Democrat party: wolves in sheep’s clothing?

wolf threat

I believe there is a major difference between a party’s platform and their actual purpose. The platform is to sell the party to the public. The actual purpose is what those behind the curtain want to accomplish. There seems to have been a major disconnect between the platform of the Democrat party and what they are actually doing. Lately the façade of the platform is fading and the actual purpose of the Democrat party is coming forth. At one time the Democrat party presented itself as the party of the working class. It presented itself as the party that was for the common person. It was worded and presented as the party that carried the issues and concerns of the little person and was the voice against the blaring tones of the mega-rich who only cared about the bottom line of a financial profit/loss sheet.

Through history the platform of the Democrats and the actions of the party were often worlds apart. While the Democrats make noise about being concerned over civil rights and equality they overlook the history of the actions of the Democrats who after the Civil War worked hard to impoverish the newly freed black man. In many ways the black man in the South before and during the Civil War had more liberties then after the Civil War thanks to the Democrat. With the fear of the black man taking over the jobs and opportunities that previously was the prime property of the unions in the South the Democrats worked hard to restrict many of the various minorities in efforts to protect the unions. Businesses of various minorities were targeted for violence in effort to drive the competition to the white unions out of existence. Efforts included both physical violence as well as psychological efforts such as demonizing anything not made in America or by ‘Americans’ as being anti-American and second rate in nature.

Today the Democrat party has openly become a party of obstructionists. Harry Reid in his comments recently is basically bragging as to how he is planning to oppose anything the Republican Party is aiming to present. His comments were saying nothing about whether it is something good or bad for America but just if it was being presently by the Republican Party. The releasing of the CIA report on enhanced interrogation by Senator Feinstein is another example. It is regardless as to whether it is going to harm America but whether it is going to harm the other party. If this was not the case then there would be more objections to having a few hundred pages gleaned from a few thousand page report selected for being made public. It is only logical that if there are damaging things found in the thousands of pages that there would also be positive outcomes which were not included in the public report. More has been done by the modern Democrat Party over the past few years to degrade and demoralize America than has been done to build it up. America, with thanks predominately to the leadership abilities of the Democrat Party, has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. The war with ISIS is viewed with both confusion and disarray. Russia has been positioning itself to a greater level of threat to world balance than it has in decades. Relations with Great Britain and Israel are more contentious today than can be remembered in modern times. American’s are being butchered for public view both inside out nation as well as abroad simply to be met with various levels of excuses and basically defense for the attackers by this White House. America’s elite military fighting forces are being sent to battle a killer virus without being medically trained, given proper equipment or safety precautions. Race relations in this country have deteriorated to a powder keg level over the past few years dividing American from American. Where is the support and prioritizing of America?

As I sit and watch the present Democrats who have been elected to represent Americans and to support America I can increasing confused as to where the line called treason actually exists. I have never seen such attacks upon the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights as have been directed by this party’s present leadership. I am not a hard and fast Republican. Lately I do not give too much credit to either party. I want someone who is going to support my country and protect my way of life. I personally do not care if someone who has come into this country does not like the American way of life. If they do not life American lifestyle then they should not want to settle down in this country because they are only going to be miserable. I do care if my flag offends anyone. If they are offended by my flag they need to reconsider living in a country where they are going to be offended so much. I do not care if my religion offends them. It is my religion and that means it is really none of their business. I do not care if they are offended by the holidays my country has observed and has been recognized world-wide for centuries. If people want to be part of the ‘melting pot’ experiment then they need to be willing to melt and not trying to make America what it is not.

I grew up being told that it is not proper to lie to people. But what I am seeing from the present Democrat Party is nothing more than a great big lie. I am seeing nothing more than deceit all performed under the guise of the platform which itself was met with objection because it was presenting the Party too open and transparent. During the last national convention the Democrats were arguing amongst themselves because the reality of what the Democrats actually viewed regarding America and God was too clear in that God had been removed from the Platform. Within the very structure of the Democrat Party is contradiction. After voting to ‘replace’ God into the platform a person must ask themselves what good is a position, religion, or ideology where God is so unimportant that it must be voted upon as to whether or not He would be included and is only included as a figurehead totally insignificant and equal to all other concepts of religion whether your God is God or whether your religion recognizes a door knob as the supreme Deity of the Universe.

I want America back. I want leadership that forgets its label and cares about my country. I want leadership that cares more for my country than other countries. Other countries are important but if they are elected, hired and paid by Americans then they must place America first. I want a leadership that forgets its color and becomes red, white and blue. I want leadership that sets their own feelings aside and does what is going to build America. I want leadership that forgets about their pocket book and who is going to give them the greatest kickback or pay off and puts my country first. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!


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