A frank talk about race


The Mayor of New York City was recently quoted at wanting a frank talk about race. Personally I do not think they really want to hear a frank talk about race. If people were truly honest about race it would not fit the liberal agenda. Let’s be frank about race for a bit. Let’s be honest about race for a minute. Race is not based upon skin color. I have known people who had skin color of white, black, brown, red, yellow and few shades in between these. They all were able to go toe to toe in racist bigotry. They all had good people in them. They also had some of the nastiest people in them who blamed the rest of the world for all their problems and woes in life. Everyone has had bad things happen to their race. Deal with it and get over it. Stop wallowing in the past and self-pity. I hear people whine about slavery as the reason why black people today are mistreated. I hear how the white man mistreated the Native Americans is why there MUST be a change to a major football team. I even hear politicians say how the term ‘Asian’ Carp is offensive. Well my ancestors were Huguenots. Huguenots were a religious order that clashed with the established Catholic Church in France and England and were ordered to be executed. In one day over 50,000 Huguenots were slaughtered. Now if any liberal says that because it was a white based religious order that this does not count and mistreatment just identified the problem. They do not want a realistic view of life and mistreatment; they want a politically advantageous view of life and mistreatment. My lineage also goes back to before the 1700’s in this country so my ancestors include numerous Native American tribes, slaves, and even a few people with the last name of Hun and Chin.

Liberals seem to like being the voice ‘shining the light’ on racism by pointing out all the offensive symbols in America. Let’s again be frank. The Confederate flag is not offensive. It is simply a flag that represents an army, people and ideology. That ideology is not any more racists than the Australian, French or British flag. It is no more racist than any of the flags from many of the nations of Africa where slavery was started for America in the selling of Africans by Africans to white merchants. The Confederate flag actually is based upon the St. Peter’s flag, which is not racist. The Confederate flag has its roots in Scotland, which is not racist. Before, during and after the Civil War the South was not a place where every black individual was in chains. There were many black businessmen and many who were quite influential. After the Civil War many black men were members of Congress and usually as Republicans. It was the Democrats who brought back hostility to the black in the South. If we are going to have a frank talk about race we need to accept facts and the liberal does not like facts.

Another frank discussion of race is that regardless what color a person’s skin might be, if an opponent has me by at least a good 6-12 inches in height and 100-150 pounds in weight, I am going to do everything in my power to mitigate my risk factors. If I am a police officer and that person is breaking the law and not doing as I have instructed them to do I will be finding any means by which to reduce my risks. Keep in mind that the officer in New York had to ‘reach up’ in order to put that choke hold on the individual. Additionally, anyone who has even taken beginning courses in first aid and the Heimlich Maneuver is taught that one indicator of a choking person is that they cannot speak. Speaking includes breathing because that is what causes the sound of the voice. The voice is air or breath passing through the vocal chords. If a person can speak then they ARE breathing. If you cannot breathe you cannot speak!

Race is nothing more than a fact of reality. It is an example of existence just like male, female, hungry and thirsty are nothing more than facts of reality. It is a thing. It is neither good nor bad. It is a thing, a reality and nothing more. Racism is an attitude. Racism is when benefits or punishments are rendered based upon race. It does not matter to whom the benefits or punishments are directed. If it is based upon race then it is racism. Remember that racism is what people want to eliminate. But Affirmative Action renders benefits based upon race. The schools that now are instructing their staff to not punish black students as harshly as white students is rendering punishment based upon race. Groups, organizations and scholarships that are based upon race and exclude all other races are racists. Again, I believe that racism is the thing that people are opposed to and want ended. People do not really want frank discussions about racism. They want a form of socially acceptable racism. But racism is racism. You cannot have an acceptable form of racisms while at the same time demonizing racism. Race is not the problem. Racism is the problem.


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