Truth of Ferguson Protesters


Should people protesting be able to overturn a court decision? Is the purpose of Ferguson riots to create racism? You have a white cop who shot a black male after being attacked and brutally beaten by the black male. This is called consequence. But now it seems like the world is falling apart. Black police get shot by black males and nothing happens in the world of protest. White officers get shot by black men all the time and nothing happens. But a black male gets shot by a white cop and people go nuts. I think I found where the racism lies. Now it appears that the President is getting involved. So in summary a white cop shoots a black male after being attacked. The black community burns down their town causing millions in damages. Blacks lead in protests around the country causing traffic jams and creating general havoc. The black leaders get involved encouraging the rioters to continue and to ‘stay the course.’ Now the black President is supposed to get involved to punish the white cop for shooting a black man. Sounds like someone is trying to create racial tension.

Members of the Black Caucus in Congress are using the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ action. There are enough eye witnesses who deny that Michael Brown ever used this action with Officer Wilson. All this action does is perpetuate a lie and promote the notion that Officer Wilson killed Brown because he was black. Members of the St. Louis football team used this action during one of their games. People of the black community are purposely promoting a lie in order to push an agenda. The agenda is that black people are open game for white people in authority. In reality approximately 2% of the deaths of blacks are due to white police officers. The remaining 98% is that black deaths are at the hands of other members of the black community. Facts are ignored for the purpose of an agenda. That agenda is becoming increasingly clear. That agenda is that there are those within the black community, unfortunately some within national leadership position, who simply have an agenda to promote racism against whites. People like Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Eric Holder, members of the Black Caucus who openly this message, Eric Holder who refuses to accept any concept that Officer Wilson was not racial motivated and even Barack Obama who supported the idea of the riots as equal to the Civil Rights movement all add fuel to racial fire. These people seem to want there to be racial tension.

The media never seems to get too excited about a murder where a white was killed by a black gang. In the same time frame that the Ferguson riots were going on and other protests across the nation numerous cases where whites were beaten to death by black gangs, white children were murders, white women were raped and murdered by black assailants all were ignored by the media. There seems to be an unwritten rule that the only people who can be racist are whites. It is time to stop the lie. It must be stated that these people do not speak for the whole black community. But these voices are the loudest and the ones the media loves to hear. The prime motivating factor or at least excuse for these actions seem to be the old song of slavery. This is also a contradiction of the racial baiters. Black people of Africa sold their own people into the slave trade. In many cases black slaves in America were treated well. There were those who were killed and treated bad by evil men. But blacks are not the only ones who were ever slaves. Native Americans, citizens from India, and many other nationalities were slaves throughout time. Many members of the black community who are denouncing slavery in America support the Muslim ideology but Islam has supported slavery and still does. Slavery is merely an excuse to hate.

But there seems to be some rule that if you scream racism that you cannot be racist yourself. This cannot be more incorrect. It is time that the hatred of these race baiters came to light. Those who keep the Michael Brown protest going are either totally ignorant of any facts or are simply using an excuse to riot and be a general pain in the butt of society. If these people are ignorant then they need to stop being ignorant and go someplace to learn. If they are simply hateful people then they need to be treated as such. If anything the black community has been treated with kid gloves because no one wants to look like they are being unfair to the poor black teen that is setting a building on fire. That is not a racist statement. It is a mirror of what has been happening. Billions have been pumped into the black communities and social programs. The reality is that if teenagers in the black community are poor, ignorant and violent it is because of their own choosing and not a response to something that happened nearly 200 years ago.


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