Government out of control


We have a president who is totally out of control. The actions of Barack Obama seem to make the actions of Al Capone look like a rookie. Obama has been able to take power to a new level. His pen seems to have an endless checkbook provided by the American taxpayers. Executive Orders have been his primary weapon against anything he has a personal vendetta against or personal soap box to promote. His latest order or edict can be seen as an attack against law enforcement. He thinks that all officers should wear a camera in order to prove that they are not being unfair to blacks. The ideas of cameras are fine if people all play together nicely. Demanding that all officers wear cameras is another example of Obama not having any idea of law enforcement. The Polly Anna world of Barack Obama is one daisy and butterflies. As a community organizer his world is supposed to go as he orchestrates. But that is not reality. Barack Obama has proven that he does not live in reality. If things are not going as he wishes he simply makes another edict to change reality back into his plan.

In order for a law enforcement officer to keep the peace and make the world safer at times must color outside the lines. Personally, I would rather have an officer who is willing to color outside the lines in order to find out who may be peddling dope to an elementary school than to have one who does everything correct and inoffensively because he has a camera strapped to him. I would rather have an officer who is willing to color outside the lines in order to find out who might be trafficking children to pedophiles then to have someone who knows all the right words not to offend anyone while children are being raped and sold as slaves.

Obama has been relentless in his efforts to ban guns and to strictly regulate any and all gun ownership. The only ones has not restricted in gun ownership are the illegals and gang bangers who are able to get any firearm they want illegally. On December 24 the UN activates their small arms treaty. I hear people from all over the gamut regarding the effects of this treaty. Some say there will be no affect upon Americans because our Constitution trumps the UN. I hear from others who say it means the beginning of armed conflict with the UN. Then there are those who fill in all the gaps in between these two extremes. Democrat talking heads that follow Obama’s steps have passed or tried to pass anti-gun legislation in various states. Some of these laws have resulted in various levels of confiscations or gun restrictions that borders on the Unconstitutional if not directly cross over into invasion.

Obama and his administration have openly shown total disregard for law enforcement and other forms of authority for many years. Holder was directly involved in an armed invasion of an ROTC office in Columbia University. Numerous members of Obama’s inner circle have been involved in various levels of civil unrest. Obama seems to be able for many years to insulate himself by having others under him taking the direct hit while he stays protected. This administration has all the appearance of an organization bent upon the downfall of the classic American government and lifestyle in order to recreate what they consider socialistic utopia. The problem with socialist utopia is that it does not exist.

As Obama and his administration continue to force their rules and regulations which are in violation of the Constitution, the Highest law in the land, it seems like the only resolve left is proper civil disobedience. If they want our guns registered or collected now is the time to violate that request and never to obey that rule. Adolf Hitler has his registration that he said was going to make the world as safer place. It made it safer for everyone except for those who did not follow Nazism. There is a place for refusing to obey that which is unlawful. Law enforcement will have to decide if they are going to follow rules or enforce the law. This is not the government our Forefathers neither envisioned nor created.


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