I’m offended!  I am of Welsh decent.  My roots go deep into England and then to Norsemen.  I see things such as teams named “Vikings’’ and the ‘Raiders’.  I am offended.  I want the government to get involved and stop this offensive racism against my heritage and background. 

Sounds stupid?  Of course it is.  It is totally ridiculous.  As someone with my heritage I accept the time and realities in which they lived.  I am also mixed race with at least four different Native Amercan tribes.  Of what I know about Native American tribes my ancestors had a lot more to worry about then if some day there might be a sports team called the warriors or that they might use a tomahawk gesture.  The tomahawk was a feared weapon and in the hands of a skilled warrior it was extremely deadly.  It represented power over their enemy.  They were proud to be called warriors.  People need to get their emotions off of their sleeves and their heads out of wherever they last placed it.  A fish called the ‘Asian Carp’ is as offensive as a Chinese restaurant.  What’s next?  Are we going to stop saying that we are going out for ‘Mexican’ food and now label it ‘Latin American’ food?  We have dove into the realm of the stupid.  I use that term specifically because this is totally stupid.  There is no ending once this mentality is permitted.  Everything will or can be offensive. 

I hope that I am slowly getting the reputation as someone who says what needs to everyone else wishes someone would say.  I try to speak bluntly and clearly.  In some schools the kids are not allowed to wear clothing with the American flag on it because it might be ‘offensive’ to students of other nationalities.  BIG DEAL!  If they are in America expect to see American flags.  Some Muslim groups are offended because some fast food places sell pork.  BIG DEAL!  You are in a country that eats pork.  Expect to see pork sandwiches.  If you in a country that eat horsemeat you would expect to see horse sandwiches and no one would give a rats’ left butt cheek if you were offended.  My father fought in World War II against Japan.  Why can’t I say I am offended to see a Japanese flag? 

 I have one simple question.  Why is it that the only people who cannot be offended by things, regardless how offensive they may be, are white heterosexual Americans?  I would love to have someone please explain that one to me.  Does this group of people not have any rights?  Does this group of people not have any say?  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  As a child I remember hearing my elders tell me when I would be whining to GROW UP.  Maybe that is what Congress needs to do is to GROW UP.  Maybe that is what some of these people who are so invested in racism that they must keep it active need to do.  Common sense needs to be resurrected.  It is time people stopped whining and grew up.  As a kid we played cowboys and Indians.  At times the cowboys won and at times the Indians won.  The Lone Ranger was not seen as offensive.  Zorro was not seen as racist against the Spaniards.  Westerns which had a ‘China Town’ were not seen as stereotyping.  I think that as a kid we were more grown up than our present adults.


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