Political correctness has gone from destructive to the realm of stupid.  It has the mentality of those little signs you see on suckers that say ‘no not put this in your eyes’; or ‘this coffee is hot’ (I hope so because I do not want to pay for cold coffee); or ‘do not use this electric hair dryer in the shower’.  I expect there to have been a warning label of ‘do not try this at home’ should Wild E. Coyote would have been running after the roadrunner today.  But this is our government today.  Our government finds it justifiable to mock at steps to find out where the IRS got orders to attack private Americans as a political tool yet finds it serious to say that the name ‘Asian Carp’ is offensive to Asians and needs to be changed.  Or Harry Reid who is incapable of bring bills sent from the House to the floor of the Senate yet is willing and able to use his power to try and force a logo of a national football team to be removed because it is ‘offensive’.  My question is why is the only ones who cannot be offended are ‘white people’?  I look at a box of ‘Cracker Jack’ with the picture of a white sailor on the front.  Why can I not be offended?  One Californian legislator is pushing to get retribution paid to those who ‘suffered’ from slavery.  To begin with I wonder how many who are ‘suffering’ from slavery has ever taken a history course because that or the media would have been the only ways that they would have known about slavery.  Does this retribution include those of us who are ‘white’ but have some degree of mulatto in our lineage?  How about retribution for the Native American?  Our government tried to kill off the Native American through germ warfare by giving them blankets known to have been infected by small pox.  And would this retribution include all Native Americans?  I have four different tribes in my family history but due to federal regulations I cannot prove my heritage; which actually unless your grandmother was at least half of a particular tribe no one probably is able to pass federal regulations. 

Our government needs to pull their heads out of their proverbial butts and start working on things of true importance.  We have Islamist who are threatening to ‘see us in New York’ referring to bombing on our own soil.  Yet our government is too busy worrying about offending a particular group not to use the term Muslim and terrorist in the same sentence.  Our country is a laughing stock amongst other nations because we are seen as weak and impotent.  Our laws are seen as of non-effect because of not being able to enforce them for fear of appearing racist if they arrest a black man and not an equal or greater number of white people.  Even our schools are getting government pressure not to punish black students when they disrupt classes.     

Enough is enough.  I am coming to believe that for the most part our Congress is full of the stupidest people God has ever given breath.  I see us as having one chance and that is the election in November.   If we do not change things in November then I am afraid that America will receive that which it seems it has been requesting for a long time.  May God have mercy upon us if that happens.


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