It’s difficult to write lately.  Between family health issues, personal emotionally issues (Father’s Day is always a difficult time for me), disgust issues with everything I have been reading lately, and just life itself, it has just been difficult to get the ‘ommph’ needed to write.  But, it is time.

It is quite obvious now to anyone who has a couple neurons that they take out and play with, that our government is trying to force us into civil unrest.  You do not have to be a conspiracy junky to think that something is being rigged.  There are more people flooding into America from Mexico than there are people going to the bathroom during a Justine Bieber concert.   More people are being put on the American roll dole than ever in history and the public piggy bank is being drained faster than toilet paper at a 7 year old birthday party.  It is being said that the only ones who care about ‘liberty’ are 3% of the general population so who really cares about them.  Well, guess what?  The remaining 97% is made up of probably 90% who only cares about receiving a free ‘hot and cot’ and once that is threatened they will be abandoning the ranks of the remaining 97.  That will leave the social order manipulators with 7%.  Most of those have never left their office or classroom and would fill their drawers at the first sound of gunfire coming their direction.  That will leave basically 2% (maybe) against the 3% who now are really ticked off.  Of that 2% there will be a portion who cannot move quickly because their pants are down around their knees and who will be trying to shoot sideways.  The Social Manipulators forget one simple thing.  Americans do not like being told what do to.  Bottom line is that we are not like other societies.  We have had a history of independent thinking and plan to keep it that way.  Yes, the Social Manipulators may be able to blow up society but it will more than likely blow up in their own faces.

Secondly is all the cry of racism.  I am so tired of this issue.  There will always be racism as long as there is race.  Basically, ‘big deal’; Deal with it!  If two people are talking and one says ‘I’m Black’ and the other says ‘I never noticed’…..someone is lying. I have enjoyed working my genealogy.  There are many English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and German royal families who have been on this land we call America since the 1600’s.  Included in my tree are at least four known Native American tribes, some black, and even someone with last name of ‘Chinn’.  When it gets to the government list of race I need another box marked ‘all of the above’.  I truly doubt anyone has a ‘pure’ race.  Somewhere along the way there was someone who woke up on the wrong side of the teepee, had an admiring early European explorer, or other source of clouding of the pure race.  And for those who trace their ancestry pure and unclouded into the jungles of Central America, South America or Africa there was probably an infiltration of Caucasian DNA even if it was in the form of ‘lunch’ at some time.  For those who right now are screaming that I am a racist for what I have just said my reply is ‘deal with it’ because you know it is probably true.  Society has evolved to such a degree that we have intermingled the races thoroughly.  As race becomes a non-issue then racism will decrease.  There are those who must have racism as an issue in order to have something to give them a sense of importance.  If they did not have racism to scream about they would cease to exist and simply fade into the sunset. 

I will never control my government from its social experiment.  I cannot stop my government liberals from trying to rewrite my Constitution or control their actions.  I cannot stop those who must cry racism.  I cannot stop those who think they have all the power in life.  But, I can control myself.  I can choose to live in peace personally regardless of their actions.  Living in peace does not mean living in the absence of hostilities, it means leaving in spite of them.        


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